How Endomondo’s CTO Got Back in Shape


Morten before and after

Just two-and-a-half months after Endomondo CTO Morten K. made a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape, he managed to lose 12 kg. So just how did he achieve that feat? What motivated him? Which Training Plan did he use? Find out the answers in this interview.

Q: What made you decided to lose weight?
A: I didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I was feeling lazy but remembered what it was like to be in shape.  I wanted to get that feeling back again. There were also practical reasons. Most of my clothes didn’t fit well anymore and I didn’t want to buy a whole new wardrobe. So, I made the decision to lose weight.

Q: How did you exercise?
A: I started biking to work (24km), but not every day and not always both ways. I was hesitant to add running to my workout routine, but decided to give it a try.  With the ‘Couch to 5K’ option at Endomondo’s Training Plans, I was able to set up a reasonable calendar of activities that matched my busy schedule and current state of fitness. At first it was a little embarrassing to alter walking and running so frequently, but my body appreciated the more relaxed pace at the start. If I would have started running 5K straight away, I would not have been able to keep up the physical strain and perhaps even risked injury. The Endomondo Training Plan helped me keep from overdoing it since it’s really tempting to push yourself hard at the beginning, especially in Endomondo’s ultra-competitive office.

Q: Talk a little more about the competitive atmosphere at Endomondo…
A: Sport is a huge passion for nearly everyone at Endomondo. There’s always someone training for an Ironman, marathons or some other race.  My co-workers are constantly comparing PBs and joking about who can run faster or longer. It’s a fun atmosphere that definitely helped me stay on track with my fitness plan and I’m glad our users can have the same experience by connecting with friends on Endomondo for Challenges and support. I am always happy to see somebody liked one of my workouts because it means that person took the time to care and provide encouragement.  Those really made me feel good and helped me keep to my Training Plan.

Q: How about your diet, did you change eating habits?
A: I started eating more greens and lean protein like chicken or fish. I still allow myself a hamburger from time to time, but no fries or mayo. Most importantly, I cut down on the sweet stuff. So far in 2014, I’ve only had one piece of cake, and that was at my daughter’s birthday party.

Q: Was it hard to ditch sugar?
A: I must admit, cutting out sugar has been no easy task. I really enjoy eating chocolate and desserts.  I mean, I love those things a lot! But I created a mindset that this was necessary for success and it has worked so far.

Q: You finished your Couch to 5K Training Plan, what’s next?
A: I just started a Half-Marathon Training Plan and would like to run a half-marathon this summer. I am also working on my abs in a very low-key way – 30 minutes of different exercises while watching television. And I’d really like to tone my upper body as well.

Q: What’s your motivation now?
A: For me, feeling fit is equivalent to feeling young, so I want to find the right level of exercise to sustain what I’ve achieved over time. To make sure I don’t fall off the wagon and get fat, I force myself to step on a scale once a week.  However, the biggest motivation is my planned summer vacation to Thailand – I want to look darn good without a shirt!

If you want to see Morten’s training and stats, feel free to view his Endomondo profile

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