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Interactive notifications

Apple is on board with fitness, and we couldn’t be more excited! With the iOS 8, Apple has made major strides into the active lifestyle field by developing an all-inclusive Health app that lets users easily access data from their favorite health and fitness apps in one place. 

We’re always aiming to give our users the best experience possible, so we’ve been hard at work developing the latest Endomondo iOS 8 iPhone app update, ensuring that it would connect to Apple’s Health app.

We’ve made it easy to connect the Endomondo Sports Tracker to the Health app: all you have to do is go to the “Connect and Share” setting, and just press “Connect with Health.” After you connect your Endomondo account with the Health app, your calories burned and workout distance for all future workouts will be saved automatically to the Health app.

You can specify what data to save to Health by giving permission to export:

  • Active calories
  • Cycling distance (cycling transport, sport, mountain biking, indoor cycling)
  • Walking distance (fitness walking, treadmill walking)
  • Running distance (treadmill running, orienteering)

Endomondo will be listed as source for the data, and you can edit the permissions anytime in your Health app.

Aside from the Health integration, here’s a quick recap of the features we released with our latest update:

Take control with a widget


Tired of having to unlock your phone each time you want to pause your workout? With our new widget, that hassle is a thing of the past. The widget lets you control your app straight from your notification center, and can be enabled under “Today” in Notification Center (requires iOS 8).

The widget has a few different modes, as shown in the screenshot:

– If you’re not in tracking mode and you’re a Premium user currently on a Training Plan, the widget shows your planned workouts for today or tomorrow. The “Let’s do it” button launches the app.

– If you’re not in tracking mode and you’re not on a training plan, the widget shows “Your Week” stats. The “Get started now” button launches the app.

– If you’re currently tracking a workout, the widget shows your top three stats (you can configure them on your workout display). You don’t need to unlock your phone to hit “pause” or “resume” on your workout, since you can do this directly from the widget.

Interactive push notifications – Getting social just got easier! Now you can reply to friend and challenge requests directly from the notification, making it quick and simple to manage incoming invites.

Cleaner interface – We’ve cleaned up the main menu by removing the ‘News Feed’ and ‘Fitness Test’ tabs, so your navigation through the app is even smoother. You can now find News Feed under the Friends tab and access Fitness Test from the workout screen when you press on basic workout.

Improved audio – We are bringing back Audio Ducking, which lowers the music volume while audio coach is talking so you can hear your feedback loud and clear.

We hope these features will help you make the most of Endomondo on iOS 8. We’ve got plenty more exciting things coming up, but in the meantime, enjoy our 9.4.3 update.

Have fun freeing your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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