Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! As you can see on the picture, Endo has fallen in love…with the Valentine’s workouts you shared with us on Facebook.

The Valentine’s Day workout we like the most… ‘Drum roll’ 🙂

Congrats Ken, you and your wife will be enjoying Endomondo gear for 2 soon.

We cannot resist mentioning a few other great Facebook comments on this topic.

Linda and Vera gave us ideas for a new sport:

Simon definitely gets credit for the funniest one:

Santosh, Matthew and Linda prove that working out together with your love can motivate you to great accomplishments while you’re still having fun.

We also really like Angela’s way of keeping her husband close and working out solo at the same time:


Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and we wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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