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Movember Endos

November is here, and to the guys in our office, that can only mean one thing: Movember! They couldn’t wait to put down their razors and let their mustaches go wild. But, the guys also happen to be avid athletes, and so we pondered if sweaty staches would get in the way of their workouts. Their response was unanimous: “it’s worth it!”

We think it’s a great cause, and the fact that it raises awareness on the incidence of both testicular and prostate cancer makes it worthy of our support. We’re so keen on supporting the cause that this year, we got our own Movember Endomondo Team on We hope that our Endomondo community will join our team to run and grow a stache for a good cause!

Mo’  running, Mo’ stache?

Since we all will be running for Movember, we questioned what effect that can have on the speed of your stache growing endeavors. You know all those workouts you’ll be tracking? Well, if you are aiming to let your facial hair shine during Movember, working out may be a good way to jump-start your growth. Exercise can promote hair growth, since it helps you pump up your heart which makes your blood circulates better.

And since we’ll be seeing quite a few staches in the office this month, we started reading up on what are the pros and cons of sporting one. Research shows that not only does a little extra stubble make guys (on average) more attractive to the ladies, but maintaining your facial hair may even be a sign of a more powerful immune system. Maybe that’s because it keeps you warmer? Yet, even with these benefits, we couldn’t help wondering what your thoughts are on the idea of growing out a mustache.

So, guys: do you grow a Movember stache? If so, does your facial hair have any negative effects on your aerodynamic-ness? And ladies: staches – yay or nay? What about when it’s for a good cause? Let us know what you think in your comments.

Free your staches!

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Movember Endo

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