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Fine, so you’re not the outdoorsy type. So what?  There are plenty of ways to embrace a fit lifestyle that don’t include hitting the road. Whether you dread the thought of working out outdoors, or if you’re simply finding your local gym irresistible lately, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep track of your fitness while you are doing your thing on your favorite indoor workout.

Your app is designed to help you not only track all your workouts, but to keep a log of your activity and goals, and get props from you friends when you get fit. So why not get the most out of your Endomondo app, regardless of where your latest sweat session takes place? Take it with you on your next elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike or any other indoor workout and keep tracking all those hard earned brownie points!

To log a workout indoors, you can choose to either start the app when you start the activity, and stop it when it ends, or you can add a manual workout entry from the history or workout screen. You can enter the workout from your history screen by tapping on the (+) icon.

To enter it from the workout screen (on Android only), simply tap the workout field and select manual workout. In both cases, you’ll then be able to choose which sport you did during the session, fill in when you did it, how long you did it for, and if you have the data from your equipment dashboard, how far you went.

After you’ve added everything, hit save and your workout will be part of your history for all to see (you can share it on social too!). If you opt for tracking your workout live, you can do that too.  And if you have a heart rate monitor, you’re in luck! You can use your HR monitor while you work out indoors for an even more accurate calorie burn calculation as well as for tracking your heart rate zones while you’re in the gym.

What’s more, you can use your Endomondo app to help you manage your workout records with our tagging feature. Each time you add a #tag to a workout, you will be able to filter it later on, so you can remember what gear you were using, or anything else you feel like tagging. Just a quick heads up, both HR zones and tag filtering are only available on Premium.

For more on tracking indoors, check out our FAQs.

Free your endorphins at the gym!

The Endomondo Team

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