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As you may know, we introduced Endomondo Premium in November last year, which includes additional motivating features online like Weather Information, Workout Comparison and Heart Rate Zones. We now offer two of these features, Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, in our app for iPhone – and next week it will be available on Android as well. Going forward Premium membership will give access to all the website features – including the Pro app as part of the full package. See the list of Premium features below:
Premium membership is a subscription service. You can go with an Annual membership for $19.99 or with a Monthly membership for $2.99. If you have already bought the Pro app, you will get the Annual membership for $15 for the first year. Go to our Premium page for more info.

More about vers. 8.0.0 for iPhone
Besides Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, our newest iPhone release offers the following new features:

Notifications when friends comment on and like your workouts
You’ll see a push notification in the Notification Center on the phone, and in the app a small envelope will appear in the top right corner on the workout screen. The number will indicate that one or more liked or commented on your workouts.

New tab with likes, peptalks & comments
Another feature which should make social interaction easier is that workout summary now includes new tab with likes, peptalks & comments.

8 new sports: circuit training, climbing, treadmill running, treadmill walking, skateboarding, surfing, snowshoeing & wheelchair
You may have noticed that we added these sports to the website a few weeks ago and with the latest release you can enjoy using them directly in the app as well.

Total duration/distance/calories for days with multiple workouts
A lot of our users are very active and there are days when you do more than one workout. That’s why we included total duration/distance/calories in a workout history for days with multiple workouts. Toggle between the stats by pressing the number.

If you are using our Endomondo app for BlackBerry, read more here.

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