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If you’re an avid Endomondo user, you know that we’re all about fun, social fitness. As much as we love having fun with fitness, there is one thing that we take really seriously – our workout gear. And to the girls in our office, a saggy sports bra is no laughing matter.

When we’re giving it our all during a workout, we make sure that our sports bras are giving us the right level of support. So, in order to get you moving no matter what workout style you prefer, we’ve chronicled our experiences with our workouts and the sports bras we’ve been using.

Check out what the Endomondo girls have to say about their workouts and supportive gear:

Anna“I do CrossFit 3-4 times a week. In CrossFit, your body needs a lot of freedom to move since you get to move in all different directions and usually, you have to do it fast. When I’m running, rowing, lifting weights, and doing other workout moves, it really puts my sports bra to the test. That’s why I look for one that has soft, smooth materials that absorb sweat fast with no seams or clasps, a tight fit and good coverage. With this long list of demands, I’m thrilled that the Kari Traa Sports Bra I’ve been wearing is up to the challenge!”

Brooke“When I head out for a run, I want my workout clothes to be like a second skin – tight, comfortable, and molded to my body. I’ve had this Adidas sports bra for months and it’s by far my favourite. Even after being through the washer countless times, the material is still soft and the fit is still tight! Comfort is important, especially for long 10km runs, and nothing (in my opinion) is more comfortable than this sports bra!”

Daniela“Kick Boxing is a tough sport, especially for women. Your body is constantly exposed to kicks, punches and sometimes injuries. Wearing my Kari Traa Sports bra makes me feel protected, safe and free to move. I don’t have to think about anything else but concentrate on my actions and those of my adversary. A comfortable sports bra is definitely a game changer…a loyal companion to win the battle!”

Eva“As a yoga devotee, my top priority is that nothing falls out even when I’m upside down. I also want to feel comfortable and be able to stretch and bend without feeling inhibited by an ill-fitting bra. I want a challenging pose to be what pushes me out of my comfort zone, not a nip slip! That’s why my Lululemon Sports Bra has been a trusty companion on many of my recent yoga sessions. It never fails to keep everything in its place despite my habit of getting into gravity defying backbend poses.”

Linda“I am not much of a runner, so my usual workouts are lower on the intensity scale. Still, shaking it when I’m dancing can make things move around more than I do on the floor! So I’ve been trying the Player Sports Bra by VS on my latest dance workouts, and it definitely helps keep everything in its place. I think that for running or more intense workouts, it probably wouldn’t be the best choice for D’s, but for dance workouts, it does its duty. ”

We hope that our reminder helps you get serious about getting the right support. We’d love to hear what gear gives you the best support during your workouts, so join the conversation!

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The Endomondo Girls

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