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Last Sunday, Odense hosted a Color Run. You’ve probably heard of them (or even attended one), but if not, a Color Run is basically a fun 5k run where you start off wearing white, and get blasted with colorful cornstarch powder every time you run through a color station.

We had our own run to go to that day in Copenhagen, so we were feeling a little blue that we couldn’t make it. Luckily, a few of our friends were able to go, so they captured some beautiful shots and shared their awesome experience with us!

The group of girls who went got their pristine white tutus ready, and set off on the trek to Odense from Copenhagen. Eva, one of the participants, filled us in on the day’s rundown:

When we got there, we were given a kit for our run. Besides the race kit, consisting of a t-shirt and a start number, we got equipped with different packs of colored powder.

Organizers watched the start closely and only let a small group start at a time. So, we made the best of the waiting time and danced to pumped up music and threw colors all around the place.  We ran out of our color supplies way before the race even started!“.

Each kilometer had a different color station we needed to run through while being sprayed with water and more color from all angles.


Most people, including us, ended up walking and just enjoying the event. Participating in a ‘serious’ race, giving it your all and pushing the limits is great, but it was very refreshing to see all the participants smiling instead of having the typical, tense facial expression runners usually wear“.


The best thing about not caring whether you reach your “personal worst” is that you have time for waving at people, high-fiving other runners, taking a break to shake your booty or admire a tiger (the run was located right next to a zoo)!


We’re glad they all had a blast! After seeing their amazing pictures, we’re definitely going to try to make it to the next one.

Have you ever been to a Color Run? What was your experience? We want to hear about it!

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