Free Your Endorphins: Get High on Running!


runner's high

We all know that getting your daily dose of exercise is good for you, but did you know that you can get high on running?

Multiple studies (such as the one found here) have researched this phenomenon, and tried to pinpoint the causes behind that feeling of bliss that some avid athletes report feeling after a strenuous workout session.

The science is somewhat divisive, since there is no unified stance on why people experience it, but endorphins are very likely a large part of the equation.

As you probably know, endorphins are feel-good neurochemicals which also act as our body’s own natural painkillers. Therefore, the recurring hypothesis is that when you push your body to your pain threshold, your endorphins kick in to help you get over it. When you get that endorphin rush – nice going! – you just reached a runner’s high.

How you go about attaining the high is also somewhat vague, since many studies have been focused on already highly athletic participants and may be difficult to generalize to casual fitness devotees. But research suggests that pacing yourself is probably the best way to go, since thanks to our ancestors, we are built for distance running.

Endomondo makes trying to reach a runner’s high as fun and motivating as possible, with loads of features designed to help you push yourself to the next level. Trying to beat a friend can ignite your competitive drive and make you go beyond your usual limit, which could potentially lead to that elusive runner’s high.

Choosing a personalized training plan with Premium – such as a 5k or Marathon plan – helps you reach your desired fitness goals. And with the Audio Coach, you’ll keep on going long after you start feeling the burn.

How many people hit a runner’s high is still not fully proven, but hopefully our Endomondo community can chime in on the subject.

Remember to tag #runnershigh on any workout on which you hit the high, and let’s see how many of us experience it!

Have fun freeing your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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