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What do you get when fitness and fashion collide? A brand new collection of Endomondo sportswear created by David Andersen of course!

One of the most common reasons we all love being active is because we want to look good, so why not look good while you’re working out? This is where the critically acclaimed designer David Andersen comes in. Andersen has created a new line of high performance sportswear that you can rock while you’re sweating and relax in post-workout.

The collection Endomondo By David Andersen, was designed with style, function and the athlete in mind. The 26 piece collection features gear that will wick away moisture and sweat while you are freeing your endorphins and turn a few heads—don’t worry this is the kind of attention you want.

Check out the collection in our shop here. After you get your hands on some gear, snap a few photos of yourself working hard & looking good and post them on our Facebook page. You deserve a little recognition for sweating like a pig while looking like a fox!
Endomondo By David Andersen

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