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We always say fitness is more fun with friends that help you stay motivated. But wouldn’t it be even more motivating to be able to look for love while you get fit at the same time? If finding that special someone to tag each time you work out sounds too good to be true, we’ve got great news.

Today, we’re announcing the upcoming launch of our steamiest feature – EndofitMatch! With EndofitMatch, looking for a sweatheart to share your love of fitness is now part of the fun of getting in shape. EndofitMatch gives you access to a world of endorphin-loving members that are only a tap away.

matchWhen you use the feature, you’ll be able to filter potential Endofitmatches to find your perfect partner. First choose your preferred gender – male, female, or any. Then, favorite sport, which can help you find someone that shares your passion for tracking table tennis. Next, select how often your potential matches get active, to make sure that you are not the only one working up a sweat on the regular. You can also adjust your pace range, to narrow your options down to someone waaay slower (if you want to show off in front of your newfound match), or someone who’s a lot faster, which means you’ll have to hustle to keep up!

Once you have set up your filters, you’ll be able to see other EndofitMatch users in your area that might be looking to hook up. When an EndofitMatch passes you, you’ll get a notification with a short bio of that person and if you have friends in common, you’ll convosee that too. If you like what you see, just hit the “Match Up!” button. And, if you’re not feeling it, just hit the “Nope” button and move on. When you choose to “Match Up”, that person will get an invite to accept, and if so, you’ll be able to chat that person up and see if it truly is a match made in fitness heaven.

We are hoping to get some great feedback during this Beta phase to see if we can roll out additional features to the entire community, like EndofitMatch compatibility scores, flirty fitness date reviews, couples-only sports  and lots more. So, take speed dating to the next level and turn on EndofitMatch – your perfit match might be only a tap away!

Free your game,

The Endomondo Team

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