Failure or Success of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions


Resolve to Exercise Could Depend on Right Tools, Support and Approach

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Dec. 18, 2013 – Countless studies and surveys have shown that people determined to get fit in the New Year frequently fall short in their attempt. Even with the best of intentions, many people quickly lose their drive to exercise. But with the right tools, support and mindset, perhaps the chance of success can be increased.

Endomondo, developers of the very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker smartphone app and social fitness network, witnessed a 58 percent increase last year in weekly exercise activities amongst users from mid-December through the first week of January. And while usage in most countries declined during the second half of January, all countries showed increased activity in February – thus showing that mobile technology can be a useful force in getting fit.

Additionally, Endomondo has found a strong correlation between workout activity and the number of ‘friends’ individuals have in their social fitness network. Those with five or more friends logged five times as many workouts as those with no friends. This seems to indicate people aware that others are monitoring the progress of an exercise regimen are instilled with accountability, and support from friends or family may be what many need to improve their performance and resolve.

Another trend witnessed last year by Endomondo was that countries where the average user didn’t show a manic ‘spike’ in January activity appeared to maintain increased levels of exercise further into the New Year. This seems to support the widely held belief that it is best to set realistic goals and ease in to an exercise routine when wanting to improve fitness.

As a way to set manageable expectations, Endomondo recently launched a new Training Plans feature where runners can devise a regimen to meet specific goals. These customizable plans take into account users’ current training level, days per week they prefer to exercise, duration for reaching an achievement, and much more. To accomplish fitness objectives effectively, Endomondo employs a diverse interval training methodology that enhances variety and intensity so workouts are engaging, motivating and fun. Crafted schedules adjust dynamically with progress and tasks are delivered to users’ Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app with push notifications offered reminding people of workouts planned that day.

With 20 million fans around the globe, Endomondo stands apart from other activity tracking apps because it helps users connect with like-minded people and encourages the sharing of experiences and support in achieving collective goals. Users can send friends real-time pep talks while they exercise, compete against friends for fun, challenge co-workers, and share it all on Facebook, Twitter or across the Endomondo social network. The app turns GPS-enabled smartphones into a personal trainer and social motivator capable of tracking workouts, analyzing performance, and can aid in the discovery of new activities and insights so people become and stay active.

The basic version of Endomondo is free. An Endomondo Premium subscription, which unlocks many value-added app features, is available at either $3.99/month or $29.99/year. For more information, please visit or

About Endomondo:
Founded in 2007 by fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo developed a social fitness network and mobile app that turns smartphones into a personal trainer and social motivator. Available on seven mobile platforms, Endomondo operates on most major smartphones.

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