Endomondo is a social fitness network  that helps make fitness more fun, more social and more engaging. With the app, you can track workouts, analyze performance, and connect with friends to get active and stay motivated. Endomondo is part of the world’s largest digital health and fitness community, Under Armour Connected Fitness™, which includes UA Record, MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal, and Endomondo. These apps share one mission – to make you better.


Endomondo turns your mobile into both a personal trainer and a social motivator. Bring your phone whenever you run, walk, bike, or do any other outdoor sport. While you’re working out, your route is automatically tracked together with your distance, duration, average speed, split time, calories burned, and more. The audio coach will give you updates you about your pace for each kilometer or mile. The app keeps a full history of your workouts.

The social dimension is what makes Endomondo even more engaging and sets it apart from other fitness apps. Your friends can follow your workout live, and if they think you need a little boost in motivation, they can send you pep talks that are read aloud to you in real time–either to cheer you on, or to do some friendly jabbing! The app also allows you to race against a friend’s previous workout with help from the audio coach.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is connected to Endomondo.com, where you can keep a full training log and dive into a more detailed workout performance analysis. Connect your app with Twitter and Facebook to share your activities on your favorite social networks.

The app is the highest rated fitness tracking app across major app stores.


  • November 2007: Endomondo is founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by Christian Birk, Jakob Nordenhof Jønck and Mette Lykke, all of them leaving jobs as management consultants with McKinsey & Company.
  • August 2008: An early alpha version of Endomondo.com is launched together with the first app. The app soon works on all major platforms.
  • July 2009: The beta version of Endomondo.com is launched.
  • September 2010: Endomondo passes one million users.
  • December 2010: The first PRO version of the app is released on Android, BlackBerry and iPhone.
  • September 2011: Endomondo passes 5 million users.
  • January 2012: Endomondo passes 7 million users.
  • June 2012: Endomondo reaches 10 million downloads.
  • October 2013: Endomondo reaches 25 million downloads and 1 billion miles tracked.
  • January 2014: Introducing “Pages” – “Pages” are the new social hubs on Endomondo for companies.
  • September 2014: Endomondo Premium is launched on Windows Phone – Premium on mobile is now available on all the three major platforms.
  • November  2014: Wearables become the key tech trend of 2014. Endomondo starts supporting Pebble, Jabra Pulse and Android Wear.
  • February 2015: Endomondo joins the Under Armour family, which along with MapMyFitness, MyFitnessPal and UA Record, creates the largest connected fitness community of more than 160 million registered users.
  • March 2015: Stand-alone support for Sony Smartwatch 3.
  • April 2015: Apple Watch now supports Endomondo.
  • May 2015: New workout page launched on endomondo.com
  • April 2016: Syncing between MapMyRun and UA Record enabled to make it easier for users to have their workouts available across apps.


You can use Endomondo with almost any mobile phone with GPS including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone. You can also use Endomondo with various devices including Garmin devices, step counters, Wi-Fi scales and wearables.


Endo is short for endorphins, which are neurochemicals released in the brain during workouts. Mondo means world in Esperanto. In sum, Endomondo is a world of endorphins!


For more information, please visit www.endomondo.com. If you’re looking to get in touch with us, we have dedicated areas for inquiries related to PressAdvertisingChallenges & PagesEmployee Fitness, and Help. For all other inquiries, please write us here.

97 thoughts on “Facts

  1. The new version of endomondo.com/workouts/ is absolutely awful (at least on desktop). It wastes a lot of real estate, it requires more clicks to see the number and type of workouts added each day, and it is just overall unusable and less informative than the old view. Please undo those changes or add an option to switch between old and new layouts!

    1. Hi, we are sorry to hear that you’re not enjoying the new workout page design and functionality. We appreciate that you shared your feedback with us – we are constantly working on making your experience better so let us please know if you have some specific wishes or ideas regarding the workout page. Thanks.

  2. Greetings! I love your app, I find the feature set perfect for my needs. I have a couple of questions though.

    1. I started using a Polar H7 Smart BT heart rate sensor, and it works fantastic on my Nexus 6. Curious though, how accurate is the calorie burn estimation with the HRM? The numbers on Endomondo are much higher than the numbers on the cardio machines, even though I enter the correct information into the machine which also picks up the heartbeat signal from the H7.

    2. When I go out for a walk, Endomondo never counts my steps. Does the pedometer disable when GPS is active, or is something going wrong on my phone?

    Thanks for any advice you may lend.


  3. Could I use the “Wahoo Fitness Cycling Speed and Cadence Sensor” with Endomondo in a turbo trainer? I have read that Endomondo doesn’t support ANT+ but this sensor in Bluetooth 4.
    I’m a user of the running section but now I need to complement my training with cycling due to a muscle lesion. It would be great to have to all my practices in the same app!!
    Thanks in advance!

  4. ant+ is very unstable with my trek./bontrager ant.+ speed cadence kit.
    unlike my free wahoo ride app on android which is very solid…
    using Sony z3 which has built in ant+..


    1. I had a reply about cadence sensors etc yesterday, Endomondo have confirmed that they no longer support ant+ or the cadence sensors. All of that is currently on hold. They said it stopped in 2012 but I fail to see how or why when the web site says different and the feature is still in the app

  5. I am using iphone 5 and using Tempo, Heart Monitor. I have to keep reloading the app to make it work with the monitor. Is it the monitor or the app

  6. Why does Endomondo need a speed sensor to measure my speed on my bike? I have the Samsung Note 4 ,and the S Health App beats your app hands down when it comes to features. The pedometer runs in the background, so I don’t have to start and stop it, I can track my bike rides with GPS, and it tells me my speed, distance, time, calories burned and much more. I like Endomondo for the Social Media aspect, but I’m not willing to go spend $50-100 on a sensor to get your app to work and well and the built in app.

    1. Thats because some people also use there bikes on Turbo trainers. Obviously the gps sensor is useless at that point for speed etc. And that is where the cadence sensor comes in to play. With that all said and done, it appears that Endomodo no longer support these sensors but fail to let people know

  7. I like to train in a hearth rate zone. It would be nice if there is a sound that reminds you that your hearth is beating faster or slower than the zone you work in. Is there a way to do so.
    And i am a premium user and bought also the app. But with the Samsung Gear the pro version doesn’t work. Why do i need the pro version?

    Greetings Erwin

  8. Hi! Could you please improve the workout comparison? It would be fine if we could compare similar workouts (same routes) in a map overview.

    Another ideia: Now we could select until 3 workouts to get comparison stats. If we could select one main workout between that 3 workouts, the stats could be given in a diference format, something like that:

    Example 1: Máx speed stat
    Main workout: “x min/km”
    Workout 2: “y min/km (-0:03 min/km*)
    Workout 3: “z min/km (+0:01 min/km*)

    Example 2: Bars with time of each km
    Main workout: 5:12
    Workout 2: 5:27 (+0:15*)
    Workout 3: 4:45 (-0:27*)

    * in comparison with the main workout.

    Thank you!

  9. Any chance of getting better android wear support? i dont carry my phone in my pocket when on the tread mill, but i do wear my moto360 for heart rate tracking. the endomondo app doesnt see me doing anything.

    56mins on the tread doing HIIT resulted in 174calories burned …… that’s not correct.

  10. I disagree that the real attraction to Endomondo is the social aspect. I think that it is the detail in the workout analysis that it allows. I use the premium version. I need indoor rowing and a running metronome added, though. Someone promised us the metronome over a year ago. Any idea on an ETA? Or will I have to swap to ismoothrun?

  11. My Endomondo does not want to open after update! I have a Windows phone! Same thing happend on Sunday,and it keep on kicking of during workout!

  12. Im planning to use endomondo on a turbo trainer. Buy an ant+ speed and cadence put it on a bike. Will it work?

  13. Been an Endo user for about 5 years. Recently Bluetooth audio randomly mutes and requires volume keypress on headphones to unmute. Very annoying when riding. Never had the problem previously. I know it is endo app as it does not do this if only playing music and have tried with other music players and other apps without problem. Please investigate and fix. BTW, I am using Jaybird BluebudX.

  14. It’s a shame i have no audio coach that tells me that i have to go left/right to follow a predefined route… now i have to keep the phone in my hands when driving.running.cycling.skating

  15. When in Europe what is the best way to use the app. Are there routes in Nice or Grasse France I can follow with my audio coach?

      1. Hi there,
        I’ve my cadence/speed Ant+ sensor connected in my indoor bike and, in the same time, with my note 3 cell phone, the heart rate and speed/cadence sensor works great but endomondo doesn’t save the distance. As I can read in this blog, this funcionality doesn’t work without GPS signal but i’m really disapointed for this reason. The Cadense and speed ANT+ monitor would be enought in order to calculate the distance. there are another system like cycleops or trainerroad who work very well regarding that. I Love Endomondo and I hope you can develop an option in order to add it.

  16. Hi, I’m new to Endomondo. I downloaded the app onto my Blackberry, however every time I press to start a run/walk there is either ‘Locating GPS’ followed by ‘No GPS’. Can anyone provide any help as to why this is happening? With thanks.

  17. Hi there, I noticed today there is a tiny disparity (only 10 secs) between the time shown on my mobile app and the info on the website relating to the run. Any idea which is accurate? Thanks

  18. Hi.Could be the GPS tracking improved,please? Lately it’s been shutting the tracking down after the first mile (either Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 or Huawei G6 plus doesn’t matter if I restarted before the work out) if it feels like it. Doesn’t stop the time or pauses the workout,just shuts the tracking.
    Anything could be done?

  19. Hi I’m new to Endomondo. I’ve been running/walking several times and when setting a challenge at the beginning I always get ‘No GPS’. Am I doing something wrong or do I need to activate something. Its an app on my mobile. Thanks for any help.

  20. I am I premium user but I do not now how to link my heart rate monitor with endomondo. Could you please help me
    Kind regards Rian

  21. I use endomondo for iPhone every day and love it. However, is there a way to stop the click automatically at a specified distance? If I run say 4 miles, It is kind of inconvenient to have to press stop and then the distance ends up @ like 4.1 and the time is a couple seconds longer.

  22. re Compatibility: Heart Rate integration with the Blackberry Z10 is not working and this is a shame, especially if you are a premium user… You expect thatfundamentals like this will work.
    Any plans to have this working and any indication on the timeline???
    thanks in advance,

  23. Do you have to have an iphone to use this? Can you use a Kindle Fire HD, a computer, or a regular cell phone?

  24. Good day, endomondo.
    I use the android app for an year, and I can tell, that this is very good app.I am very glad that you are constantly improving the application. I do not know where to write, so I’ll write here.
    I would like to suggest a small upgrade. it would be useful to introduce a best season notification. Endomondo should to track not only the best result in the history, but also the best result within the season. and it will be written in site, like a “SB: 5 km by 20:04”. I think it would be good motivation for users 🙂

  25. Every time I start edmondo to go walking it will automatically shut itself off after 3 minutes. It shut off at 3inutes 33 seconds. It happens every time. I doing something wrong or do I need to change something.

  26. Hi, I am trying to connect my HRM to Endomondo and it failed. I tried to connect to both Endomondo version (FREE & PRO), both failed to enable my BLE HRM (compatible with POLAR). It just seems that my phone bluetooth does not even actively looking for my HRM.

    I am using iP5, and the HRM works with an app called MySport v1. Please advise what’s wrong and how to connect my BLE HRM?

  27. when I use the couch to 5k app and endomondo, endomondo doesn’t track my distance or speed…only the time, please advise

  28. How come when I walk the same route out and back, the elevation profile isn’t the same (in reverse) for both halves of the walk?

  29. How about adding Skitour as a new sport? Hiking with ski in winter is very popular but not listed on Endomondo!

    Move on!

  30. I always use the GPS function when I am running. Sometimes it happens that the route shown on the maps have small errors in actual running distance. Could there be a function in the web version that you can manually correct the route?
    The biggest problem is that all best times are wrong because sometimes the shown route is a few 100 meters off then the actual route. Other option already available is to delete the training but i won’t like that.

  31. First of all: Endomondo is a great application, I have enjoyed almost from its beginning. I have tried other similar applications, but Endomondo is absolutely my preferred.

    In the beginning it existed as a free version, then came the Pro version at a one time fee. I don’t remember the price, but it was in the typical span around few dollars. The Pro version had all the features I needed, and consquently I bought it – also to support the good project.

    Then suddenly the Pro version became the free version, which could be upgraded to Premium version, and then lately features are gradually removed from the Pro version, presumably to motivate people to move to the Premium version.

    This means first of all, that what I once payed for is no longer delivered, which by itself is absolutely not OK.

    Typically the more expensive apps are around 10-12 dollars as one time fee, but the price for Endomondo Premium is 20 dollars PER YEAR.

    Well, I could afford it, but I feel that Endomondo is squeezing the lemon at great bit too far by the price combined with the policy of gradually reducing features of the free version. This is of course the liberty of Endomondo to do so, if they wish, but at the same time I really feel they cheat by first making people pay for the Pro version, then making i free and finally reducing features.

    What do other users think of this policy, and what is Endomondo’s comment to it?

    (I wander if this article suddenly disappears from this page??)

  32. I am going to buy a new cellphone, can you suggest me a phone that works very good with the endomondo?

  33. Hello,
    I love Endomondo app (using it on Android for a while now)!

    I miss one workout possibility: I train using Jeff Galloways method of running with walking breaks. I would like to have the possibility to set distance goal for the training (let’s say 10km) with intervals of walking/running in minutes (or low/medium intensity) repeating continously during the whole distance. Right now you can set either distance or interval training but not combination of these.

  34. In my last bike trips, for one reason or another GPS tracker has malfunctioned or has stopped by itself before finishing the exercise.
    I have version 8.8.1, I hope that will be both precise tolerance fixing in plotting how are you commenting anomalies in the next updates.

  35. Hey, Cateye makes a Stealth 50 with GPS, ANT+ and download capability. Does Endomondo work with that device?

  36. Attention PPC Mac users (all five of you ):

    Here’s a workaround for Endomondo’s pointless version check of Garmin Communicator (which renders the service useless for PPC users (thanks!)):

    I. In Finder pres []+[SHIFT]+G to navigate to the folder: “/Library/Internet Plug-ins/GarminGpsControl.plugin/Contents”.

    II. Right-click the file “info.plist” and choose “Open in” and “Other”; find Text Edit …and click “Open”.

    Now you’ll see the contents of the plist (property list).

    III. Simply do a search-and-replace ([]+F) of “” with “” (there sould be four entries).
    Save and exit.

    If you can’t save it, copy “info.plist” to your desktop and edit it form there and copy it back to the “/Library/Internet Plug-ins/GarminGpsControl.plugin/Contents” folder (choose replace).

    IV: Do a check by navigating to the the folder “/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/”, click “GarminGpsControl.plugin” and press []+I to see the file info.
    Under “version” it should now say

    V: Enjoy

  37. I take pride of been one of the first Endomondo users in Puerto Rico and use it almost every morning. I also recommended as often as I can. Their is one thing that maybe can make it more robust, nutritional facts. It could be a menu entered buy the user with a two digit code. Ect, ect ect.

  38. Does Endomondo publish statistics about running paces of users as a reference for other users? For instance, what percentage of runners train under 10 min/km…

  39. I am looking to buy the Heart Rate belt. But it seems as if you dont sell this anymore.
    Cant find this product on any of your sites. What to do? 🙂

  40. Hey, Really enjoying using Endomondo to track my cycling. One thing that would be a huge help is for the GPS to include satellite navigation with a map and turn by turn directions that update automatically. Having this would put it in good competition with Garmin Edge type cycling computers, and I’m sure that many (like me) would be happy to pay a premium for this type of service. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  41. Thanks a lot to the app developers!! You guys have truly made our (referring to all sports enthusiasts) life easier.. tracking our workouts to a fair level of accuracy is motivating.

    Could you please share how the hydration is calculated? The app in my mobile is showing a different value than the one which appears on this site “Training Page”.

  42. Some more skiing sports: Split cross-country skiing into classic and free-style (skating). And add ski-hiking/randonee.

  43. Just a note to suggest you to please include on your sports table of your app, standup paddle. It would make good friend Tere Bajandas very happy and if she is happy am happy.

    Pol Tirado

  44. Can you add Treadmill – I don’t know what to use for that. I bought the steps thinking i could use walking with steps – but the step don’t seem to work on the treadmill
    Also can we have a forum so we can ask questions like this ?

  45. is it possible to improve the GPS system in the new version for android? After I installed the new version the tracker keeps stopping, and makes it hard to concentrate on running, because I have to check it every kilometer or so to make sure it’s still running. Today this meant my rute of approximatily 7,5 kilometers was tracked in three intervals adding up to 5,9 km. This almost never happened with the old version.

  46. Love to see HR max min per kilometer, lap, minute etc. Manual or via, Garmin, Polar, ANT+.
    On/in the graphs would be perfect! Is it in the pipeline?
    Also: connection to a free food-app.

    I live in Sweden, but Denmark rocks!

  47. I want the ability to add Avg.Heart rate / Max Heart rate notes and manually enter my mobile after a workout.

  48. Sylvia, I listen to music on my iPhone while I use this app and the coach voice will still talk to you the music will automatically stop an go back to whatever it was playing?

  49. Hi!
    Can you upgrade the application for symbian like android or ios. It looks like very old and unfashioned..
    Thank you in advanced

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