Endomondo was selected by CEA as a good health/fitness technology for the New Year


The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which organizes the annual International CES show in the US, makes time each year to introduce journalists to neat gadgets and technology designed to improve people’s lives. As part of its holiday satellite media tour this year, the CEA focused on health and fitness goodies that get folks off the couch and move them toward a healthier lifestyle.  After commissioning a study looking at how electronics impact fitness, the CEA learned technology can actually facilitate and enhance workout regimens. As such, perhaps it comes as no surprise to our Endo community that the Endomondo Sports Tracker was a featured item in the roundup for reporters. Check out the video news clip at http://www.ce.org/healthandfitness.

So this holiday season when friends and family start talking about fitness or weight loss goals in 2013, maybe you can offer a little helpful advice and suggest people take that new smartphone they got as a gift and download the Endomondo Sports Tracker to help with fitness New Year’s resolutions.

Happy Holidays, Everybody!!

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