Endomondo Vision, Mission and Values


We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings as a team of only three. Today we are 48 Endos strong and in a recent trip to San Francisco we had a meeting to discuss our vision, mission and values as we move forward.

After a brainstorm session (48 heads are better than one) this is what we came up with:


A world where everybody exercises.


To motivate people to become and stay active by making it more engaging, more social, and more fun to exercise.


Keep Challenging: 

  • Push your own limits
  • Encourage each other
  • Be one step ahead of competitors

Be Human: 

  • Be respectful and approachable to everyone
  • Trust that your colleagues share your passion
  • Help each other out and give constructive feedback

Stay Focused: 

  • Have the guts to say no
  • Avoid scope creep & fail fast
  • Be the user and remember what we are here for

Empower Our Users: 

  • Present our users with the best social fitness tool that supports & adds value to their active lifestyle
  • Listen & respond to our users
  • Keep the social fitness tool simple & don’t allow technology to become a barrier

Be Passionate:

  • Put yourself and love into it
  • Show it with enthusiasm & inspire the people around you
  • Don’t ever give up

Stay Crazy:

  • Have the courage to try new things
  • Avoid corporate BS

In staying with the overall theme of being passionate, creative and crazy, the Copenhagen office got some aerosol art to cement our values. Endo street cred?

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