Endomondo on Android taken to a new level – and it’s all free!


We’ve promised you a release every day from Monday to Thursday this week and we’ll start out with some exciting Android news!

We’ve released three new killer features in the free app for Android: Beat a friend, Compete on a route and Manual entry. With the first two of these features, we’re taking a giant step towards making sports more social without giving up flexibility. It enables you to compete against friends or local Endos that you don’t know (yet) without being constrained by having to work out at a specific time.

– BEAT A FRIEND: Choose a previous workout done by a friend and compete against your friend’s performance. The audio coach will help you beat it!

– COMPETE ON A ROUTE: Choose a popular route in your neighborhood and race against the local route champion. Once again, the audio coach will help you succeed – and you may get to find new friends on Endomondo this way.

– MANUAL ENTRY: This feature wasn’t really in our development plan for now but we’ve received so many requests for it that we decided to throw it in. You can now manually enter workouts within a bunch of different sports types. This includes running on a treadmill and doing weight training.

We hope you like it! Feedback is very welcome on our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/endomondo.

One more thing: You may be wondering when these features will be available for other phones. It depends on your phone of course but we are working hard on getting this ready soon for iPhone and BlackBerry. Other platforms may follow.

The new BEAT A FRIEND feature in action. Unfortunately, Jesper did not beat Jakob’s time in this example…

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