Endomondo is First Android App to Collect and Monitor Sports Performance Data from ANT+ Wireless Fitness Devices


News Release: Endomondo now collecting and monitoring sports performance data from ANT

Endomondo Sports Tracker (www.endomondo.com), the app that turns the mobile phone into a full-fledged personal trainer in your pocket, is bringing together advanced sports performance monitoring data on Android smartphones with full support for the ANT+ health and fitness devices from ANT Wireless (http://www.thisisant.com).

Endomondo is the first Android smartphone app to provide support for the ANT+ wireless sensor network of more than 14 million health and fitness devices. ANT’s technology allows Endomondo users on Android mobile devices to communicate with various health and fitness devices and collect and transmit performance data in real-time.

Available on both free and paid versions of Endomondo, the app works on phones with a built-in ANT+ chip. Currently available phones include the Xperia™ line of handsets from Sony Ericsson –  Xperia arc, X8, X10 mini and X10 mini pro. Previous versions of Garmin heart rate monitors also support ANT+.

ANT+ showcased a prototype of the Endomondo app at the Texas Instruments stand during Mobile World Congress in February 2011. The demonstration showcased the data taken from a person riding a bike, and featured bike speed, bike cadence, and heart rate.

“Endomondo’s ANT+ Android app brings a new standard of interoperability and functionality to the consumer,” stated Rod Morris, Director, ANT Wireless.  “Collectively, Endomondo, Sony Ericsson and ANT+ enrich the user experience with more useful, real-time data and connection to over 14 million commercial monitoring sensors.”

“With support for ANT+ sensors, athletes have an easy way to collect data and track their performance in the Endomondo app,” said Mette Lykke, co-founder, Endomondo. “The combination of ANT’s innovative wireless technologies and the advancement in smartphones builds upon our goal with Endomondo to make fitness more motivating, social and fun.”

Interoperable ANT+ devices are manufactured by many leading brands.  Learn more about released products at: http://www.thisisant.com/modules/mod_product-directory.php.

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