Endomondo iOS 7 Redesign


Endomondo app for iOS has undergone many subtle yet noticeable UI changes to adopt iOS 7. The latest release (8.5.0.) of the Endomondo app gives the nod to sharpened focus on functionality and muted visual realism of iOS 7. We grabbed the opportunity to revisit core app functionality by offering also a new sign-up flow in this release, even though it wasn’t necessary for the sake of iOS 7.

The biggest change is that the flat UI design is being used across the whole application. Pretty much all gradients and shadows have been removed from UI elements and the sizes of commonly used design elements have changed in some cases.

Even though the size of the status bar is the same as in iOS 6, the appearance of its content has slightly changed. The new status bar on Endomondo iOS 7 is visually connected with the Navigation Bar without any separations and the Endomondo Green brand color has been integrated as a full background color.

The typeface hasn’t been changed, but it has become lighter in weight – text is usually displayed in the light face instead of regular or bold now. Text that should appear more prominent is often displayed in medium face (e.g. the title in Navigation Bar).

Buttons appear as simple colored borderless text links – supplying button background images has been moved away.

Profile pictures have slightly rounded corners and this element also appears on the challenge and route pictures as well as the large buttons.

iOS 7 - 4 screens

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