Endomondo Included in New Facebook Timeline Fitness Apps Section


Timeline 1 Exciting news: We’re happy to share with you that Endomondo is among the apps you can now add to sections on your Facebook Timeline. Facebook has improved timeline and the About page to make it easier for you to organize and showcase activity from different types of apps – and fitness apps will have a designated section. For you guys, this means improvements to the way stories from Endomondo apps are displayed on your timeline.

Facebook is obviously an important partner for us – both in terms of spreading the word about Endomondo and in terms of driving engagement among our users. Our Open Graph integration has generated a total of almost 2 billion impressions on Facebook for us! We don’t even want to think about what that kind of exposure would cost us elsewhere. We also see that when users share their workouts on Facebook, the likelihood of motivating comments is much higher, and that drives up engagement.

We’re continuing to make updates to our Facebook integration based on user feedback to make it easy for you to share your runs, rides and walks on your timeline and find motivation to workout more.

If you have any feedback on what we should do next when it comes to Facebook integration, please share it in the comments. Thanks!

Timeline 2

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