Endomondo.com Is Up for a Makeover


When we launched the new design on some of our apps, we were overwhelmed by the positive user feedback we got. As a natural next step, we wanted to update Endomondo.com too. While we’re not at all done with this task yet, we’re happy to show you how far we’ve come.

The new workout page design

Say hello to a:
– Better workout page (see picture above)– more aligned with the apps and more user-friendly. If you miss the large map from the old design, just click on the full screen icon in the corner of the map
– New workout filtering feature under Training and History (see picture below). The filter allows you to see lists of selected workouts only, e.g., workouts on a your favorite route, workouts in a given time period or within a specific sport
– 12 months stats view under Statistics
– Cleaner top-level navigation with a shortcut to entering a new workout
– Centered, more balanced site

Some of you will probably notice that we’ve made a change under Statistics too. Personal best history and training volume analyses have been free for some time now and while we’re keeping the most frequently used reports in the free edition, other reports in these sections will be Premium going forward. We want to underline, that we do this in order to continuously run and improve Endomondo for all users, and we will not move any other free features to the Premium package. Instead we have upgraded the free statistics and made it possible to see stats for up to 12 months at a time (compared to only six months previously). We hope you understand and we thank you for your support.

More free features will follow shortly.

The new filtering feature under History

Endomondo Premium

Speaking of Premium, you’ll also notice that we’ve added several new features as part of Endomondo Premium, the subscription package formerly known as Athletes Lounge. As a Premium member you get access to all online Endomondo features, you can say goodbye to external ads and you bump the line if you have any questions or feedback. Even though Premium is now much better, we’re lowering the price to just $2.99 per month or $19.99 per year.

Premium features:
Workout Comparison: Compare two or three workouts at once and get a better understanding of your performance.
Heart Rate Zones: View time spent in different heart rate zones to analyze your intensity and train smarter.
Peer Benchmark: See how you stack up against friends or compare your performance to other Endomondo users.
Weather Log: Get weather info included in your training log to see weather details for each workout.
Personal Best History: See how your personal best has changed over time and get an overview of your improvement.
Training Analyses: Analyze total training volume in detail with access to the full training stats module.
Ad free website: Enjoy Endomondo.com without seeing any external ads.
Priority support: Bump the line whenever you have any questions or feedback for us.

Learn more about the features here.

Feedback is very welcome in the comments as always – we read it all and appreciate your input!

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