Endomondo Brings Social Aspect of Exercising to the Next Level


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With the latest release on Android, BlackBerry 10 and iPhone app, we are offering our users a few new features, which make working out more fun and social. It is now possible to tag friends you’ve done a workout with, add photos and a status message right from the app after the workout is finished. Photos can be chosen from those taken during the workout or taken at the point of adding. There is also an option to share this “enhanced” workout on Facebook, since a lot of Endomondo users like to flash their workouts on this social network. (If you cannot see this screen on your iPhone, make sure that you update your app version to 8.2.1. or higher).

After you shared this workout on Facebook, it will contain the same tags, photos and status message as added from the Endomondo app. These tags, photos and status message are naturally also visible in the news feed at endomondo.com, as well as in the workout summary in the app. Users can also add social content from the website.

If you have Automatic sharing to Facebook enabled, the workout will be shared when you hit Stop. But in this case, it will not be highlighted on your timeline, but only showed in newsfeed as now, even though you tag friends and add pictures and comments. If you would like your workout to be highlighted on your Facebook Timeline, you have to disable auto-sharing to Facebook and share a workout while adding the social content. We are in a continuous dialogue with Facebook to make the sharing feature work better in the future.

Explicit sharing - facebook

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