Endomondo and Powerade Join Forces


Big news: We are beyond thrilled to announce a partnership with Powerade®! Together we want to continue to encourage people all over the world to be active and have fun while freeing their endorphins.

What happens when Endomondo joins forces with one of the most world’s recognized brands? Big, fun, exciting things! With The Coca-Cola Company’s global reach we hope to expand the world of endorphin freeing people.

To begin with, Powerade’s® first contribution in helping Endomondo expand is the addition of the new Powerade® Hydration feature. The Powerade® hydration feature will help users gage how much they should drink during and after a workout to maintain optimum hydration levels that will help improve their performance. Research has shown that dehydration resulting in as little as a 2 percent decrease in body mass can begin to reduce both physical and mental performance. It’s our hope that this new hydration feature will help support effective functioning of the body and support the general health & well being of our users.

We feel this partnership is cause for celebration and what better way to celebrate than give back to you, our awesome users! To kick this off with a bang, we are launching a global Powerade Challenge to get the world moving. Ten winners will be selected at random to win a full Endomondo workout kit, heart rate monitor and a 12-month subscription to Athlete’s Lounge. Click here to learn more about the Powerade Challenge and enter for your chance to win.

Here at Endomondo, we couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds with Powerade®. To be working with a company that sponsors global athletic events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup has our wheels spinning with what great things we can do next to bring out the inner athlete in all of you with their support.

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