Discount on Premium for PRO Users and Some Insights on Future Plans


It’s been a few days now since we launched the new website design and Premium solution. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback – including a lot more negative feedback than we’re used to. While it’s impossible for us to reply to all posts, please note that we’re reading it all carefully, and we want to thank all of you for your input.

The frustrations related to parts of Statistics being moved to Premium are understandable. We should have told you about the changes in advance, and we wish we had – sorry about that. It was not an easy decision to do this but it will benefit all users in the longer term. This may sound like marketing BS but the truth is that there’s no doubt we get higher conversion this way and we need that revenue to continuously run and improve Endomondo. As much as we would like the PRO app and our ad revenue to pay our bills, it’s just not enough. Some of you are naturally asking: “What’s next?” and in the interest of transparency, here’s our plan going forward:

– No additional features will be moved from free to paid versions.
– Some of the new Premium web features will also be available on Android and iPhone within the next month or two. This is already included in the pricing of Premium.
– Within the next six months, we expect to launch additional Premium features and depending on the nature of these, we may increase the price of Premium at that time, but only for NEW users. Users that have already signed up will still be charged the current $19.99 per year or $2.99 per month.
– Instead of running our own webshop, we’ll partner up with relevant affiliate shop partners in our biggest markets. These partners obviously don’t get access to any user contact information whatsoever. This move will help us focus on the core and on improving Endomondo.
– We’ll continue to add new features to the free version on both web and mobile and the PRO app.

The monthly cost of Premium is $1.67 if you subscribe to an annual membership. We hope a lot of our users can afford it and find our service to be worth it.

To accommodate our PRO users, we’re reducing this price further for PRO users. Starting some time next week (UPDATE: See ETA at bottom of post), users that have a PRO app associated with their account, will get $4.99 in discount the first year when upgrading to the annual plan. PRO users that have upgraded to the annual plan before this change will get 6 months extra added to their subscription free of charge. PRO users that have upgraded to the monthly plan before this change will get 2 months added for free. We’ll basically just push the date for the next billing 6 and 2 months out respectively, so you don’t have to do anything.

It’s the season of Thanksgiving and we really do want to thank you all for your support so far. We hope you’ll support us on our future journey too and help us serve you all better longer term. Thank you.

By the way, some of the valued feedback we’re working on:
– Fix the bug in statistics causing some workouts to appear on the wrong day or not appear at all
– Re-introduce the weight entry box
– Make it possible to pay with PayPal

UPDATE Nov. 30th: It will take us a little longer to get the discount set up correctly due to technical issues. We’ll let you know in a new blog post as soon as it’s done! Thanks

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