Cyber Monday


Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, the Holiday Season has now arrived in full force! What does that mean? Two things mostly: overeating and shopping.

Thanksgiving heralded in the overeating and now Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring on the shopping. The festivities continue in an all-out sprint until January 1st roles around and New Years resolutions are made. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well, with a little planning, it can be even better and the New Year, with its promises of health and new exercise regiments, won’t arrive as such a sudden shock.

Let Endomondo help you with both your shopping and your health this year, while you scour the web for deals on Cyber Monday. Check out the Endomondo Store for featured items to help your workout – items which also make good presents! Also, make sure to spend part of your Cyber Monday stocking up on all your health needs – new running clothes, running shoes, bicycles, weights or anything else you may need. Now that you are all geared up, make sure to set and maintain health goals for the Holiday Season. Plan your workout regimen ahead. Send your friends a few extra Pep Talks to keep them going. Look at it this way, the more calories you burn, the more you can indulge in the cuisine of the season! And if you say on top of things, maybe this year the New Years resolution can be “just keep doing what I’m doing!”.

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