Stephen Curry Takes His Passion for Basketball to Asia on the #UARoadshow


For the first time in Under Armour history, a brand new shoe debuted outside of the United States with the help of the KIA NBA MVP and 2015 champ, Stephen Curry. The Curry Two, the much anticipated update to the Curry One named after the basketball superstar, was unveiled in Shanghai, China, by the reigning league MVP himself on September 8, 2015. Continue reading Stephen Curry Takes His Passion for Basketball to Asia on the #UARoadshow

Under Armour Connected Fitness Launches Apps for Apple Watch

UA Record™, MapMyRun, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal Unlock Fitness Features for Apple’s Most Personal Device Ever

Baltimore, MD (April 24, 2015) – Today, Under Armour Connected Fitness launched new app updates that bring fitness tracking capabilities to Apple Watch. UA Record, MapMyRun, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal, the complete Under Armour Connected Fitness product suite, are available now in the Apple Watch App Store, in the App Store on iPhone, or by updating to the latest version. These app updates signify the importance of expanding the Under Armour platform to new devices globally. Continue reading Under Armour Connected Fitness Launches Apps for Apple Watch

Endomondo Opens 2015 with New Mobile Tools to Help Android & iOS Users with Fitness Resolutions

Goal-Oriented ‘Commitments’ and ‘Create a Challenge’ Features Capitalize On Endomondo’s Unique Social Approach to Exercise

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Jan. 06, 2015 – Staying motivated is a crucial aspect to keeping New Year’s fitness resolutions. To help, Endomondo has released an update for the very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker iOS and Android app that includes two new goal-oriented means for keeping users focused on fitness ambitions.

The first tool now available enables users to create their own private challenge and invite select people to take part directly from the app. With more than 300,000 participants in some of Endomondo’s public challenges, it is a proven motivating concept that is now launched in a more personal version which can be tailored to every user’s needs.

The second new feature is called ‘Commitments’ and allows users to set a weekly, personal fitness goal from the app. Users can choose a weekly performance schedule before selecting a specific sport in which to participate.  It is then possible to review weekly activities via the app and get notified of the progress made towards the goal. Continue reading Endomondo Opens 2015 with New Mobile Tools to Help Android & iOS Users with Fitness Resolutions

Pebble Support Added for Endomondo Fitness App on Android

New ‘Challenge Your Friends’ Feature Also Added to the Endomondo Android App

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – November 20, 2014 – Fulfilling a promise, Endomondo today announces that Pebble owners with Android smartphones can now connect their Pebble with the very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker app.

This new functionality from Endomondo allows users to start, pause or stop a workout from their Pebble while exercising.  The watch can display up to three configurable data metrics such as distance traveled, heart rate and workout duration. Like high-end running watches, the app provides tactile feedback through vibration for each mile or kilometer, and will briefly display a performance summary.

To connect with a Pebble watch, exercise enthusiasts must be using the most recent version of the free Endomondo app available at Google Play, and download Endomondo’s Pebble app from the Pebble store. Continue reading Pebble Support Added for Endomondo Fitness App on Android

Endomondo Sports Tracker Integrates With Android Wear and Samsung Gear S

Continuing Strong Wearable Development in 2014, Endomondo’s Fitness App Expands Reach to More Devices and Users

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Oct. 8, 2014 – After releasing updates earlier this year for Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2, Garmin, TomTom and Pebble iOS users; the popular Endomondo Sports Tracker app now integrates today with Android Wear devices, as well as the Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

The free Android Wear update delivers a total of six real-time fitness stats across three screens. A simple swipe lets users move through data, and information can be assigned to different pages with ease. Further, the integration allows people to easily start/pause/stop a workout while on the go.

The Samsung Gear S integration works similarly, but allows users to select between a total of nine configurable stats such as speed, distance or workout duration. Additionally, the built-in Gear S heart rate monitor can now supply data to Endomondo. Continue reading Endomondo Sports Tracker Integrates With Android Wear and Samsung Gear S

Endomondo Fitness App Now Connects With Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2

Compatible with 17 Samsung Android Smartphones

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – August 13, 2014 – Furthering support for wearables, Endomondo today announces integration of its popular Endomondo Sports Tracker app with the Samsung Gear Fit and Samsung Gear 2.  Endomondo’s new feature is compatible with 17 of Samsung’s Android smartphones linking to the two devices.

Endomondo paired with the Gear Fit or Gear 2 lets users start, pause or stop a workout without reaching for smartphones. Data such as distance, time exercising, calories burned and more can be displayed, and the built-in HR monitor is supported on Gear 2. Users can also set the smartwatch’s display to be light or dark for easy viewing. Continue reading Endomondo Fitness App Now Connects With Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2

Endomondo for Windows Phone Receives Second Major Update in Two Months

Popular Fitness Tracker Adds Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate Monitor Support And Major Updates to Social News Feeds

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – June 10, 2014 – Fulfilling a promise to continuously develop features for Windows Phone users, the Endomondo Sports Tracker app is being upgraded again this week, its second revision since April.

By adding support for Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitors, Endomondo is delivering on the most requested feature among the popular app’s Windows Phone enthusiasts. Furthermore, people will note major enhancements to Endomondo’s news feed feature. Continue reading Endomondo for Windows Phone Receives Second Major Update in Two Months

Endomondo Launches Major Update to Prepare Windows Phone App for Future Feature Additions

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – April 10, 2014 – Setting the stage for popular feature offerings down the road, a redesigned Windows Phone update was released today for the Endomondo Sports Tracker app. This is Endomondo’s first major update for Windows Phone in more than a year. Continue reading Endomondo Launches Major Update to Prepare Windows Phone App for Future Feature Additions

First Brand Pages Appear for Powerade and Jabra On Popular Endomondo Social Fitness Network

Brands Can Now Connect with 20 Million Fitness Fans Worldwide Through New Page Concept on Endomondo

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Jan. 21, 2014 – In an effort to bolster compelling website content while providing brands a way to connect with fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo this week launched a Brand Pages service for its very popular fitness social network ( The first companies taking advantage of this new platform are Powerade and Jabra — two well-known brands in the fitness/exercise market.

Mette Lykke, Endomondo’s CEO, said the new Brand Pages solution bundles together many of the compelling innovations Endomondo has developed and launched over the last two years. Additionally, she noted companies with Brand Pages can populate the Endomondo network with engaging stories, updates and links that will further enhance the experience of Endomondo’s energized and dedicated user base.

“Companies with Brand Pages at Endomondo will be able to utilize our services to construct specific Challenges for users, organize and promote events, share specialized routes for exercise, host giveaways, and contain it all at a single destination,” Lykke said. “We believe this will make our website even more interesting and engaging, and further our goal of making fitness social, interactive and fun.”

Bachir Zeroual, Global Director of Marketing Ventures for The Coca-Cola Company, said Endomondo’s new service is a cost-effective means for delivering intriguing content to a target market, which is why Powerade jumped at the opportunity to develop Brand Pages. And with a portfolio of assets that includes the likes of the FIFA World Cup and Olympics, there will be plenty of opportunities for Powerade to leverage various partnerships in creative ways that will surely interest Endomondo’s audience.

Jabra, which develops audio products catering to fitness devotees, also saw obvious benefits to establishing Brand Pages. Suzaan Sauerman, Global Senior Director of Consumer Solutions at Jabra, said, “The active market is a key sector for Jabra and our partnership with Endomondo adds tremendous value in helping us deliver a richer user experience and push the boundaries of wireless sound. Interacting with end users has always been a core element of our product development and Endomondo’s brand engagement provides the ideal platform for us to expand our reach and offer value to build closer relationships with our target market.”

Along with its social network, Endomondo developed the Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app which turns GPS-enabled smartphones into a personal trainer and social motivator capable of scheduling a training program, tracking workouts, analyzing performance, and can aid in the discovery of new activities and insights into fitness so people become and stay active. Endomondo stands apart from other activity tracking apps in its strong focus on social interaction, and helps users connect with like-minded individuals to encourage the sharing of experiences and support in achieving collective goals. Users can send friends real-time pep talks while they exercise, compete against friends for fun, challenge co-workers, and share it all across social networks.

For more information, please contact Endomondo at .

About Endomondo:
Founded in 2007 by fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo developed a social fitness network ( and fitness tracking mobile app (Endomondo Sports Tracker) available on seven mobile platforms and operating on most major smartphones.


Media Contacts:
Jim Llewellyn, for Endomondo Mette Lykke, Endomondo CEO/Co-founder, 323.810.7685, +4530761290

Failure or Success of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Resolve to Exercise Could Depend on Right Tools, Support and Approach

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Dec. 18, 2013 – Countless studies and surveys have shown that people determined to get fit in the New Year frequently fall short in their attempt. Even with the best of intentions, many people quickly lose their drive to exercise. But with the right tools, support and mindset, perhaps the chance of success can be increased.

Endomondo, developers of the very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker smartphone app and social fitness network, witnessed a 58 percent increase last year in weekly exercise activities amongst users from mid-December through the first week of January. And while usage in most countries declined during the second half of January, all countries showed increased activity in February – thus showing that mobile technology can be a useful force in getting fit. Continue reading Failure or Success of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions