This Endomondo Hero Is Training for the Ultimate Challenge

Jussi with backpack - Marathon training

When we first met the hero of our story, Jussi, he was trekking through the cold in his native Finland on a promise he made for winning an Endomondo challenge. But his story goes way back. All the way to 2009 and to a resolution he set for himself, which marked a turning point in his life.  Continue reading This Endomondo Hero Is Training for the Ultimate Challenge

This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

London's Midnight Runners Club

It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.

That’s the mantra that Under Armour athletes and runners across our communities have embraced to shine the spotlight on their training and forego the kind of distractions that could take the focus off of their workout. Continue reading This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

Turn the Streets Into Your Canvas

Route Art Contest

Did you ever track an awesome route, look at your map, and think “this is a work of art!”? Every day, your workouts (purposely or by chance) create some of the most inspiring GPS-tracked artwork out there. We don’t want to let those artistic skills go to waste so we’re inviting you to join our Route Art contest and let your masterpieces shine. Continue reading Turn the Streets Into Your Canvas

Pep Talks Make You Smile

pep talks during workouts

Every feature on Endomondo is meant to keep you motivated and help you reach your goals. Stats, training plans, audio coach…each has its own merits and we love hearing that you enjoy working out with them. There is one feature which we think doesn’t get enough attention, even though every time you get one, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. We’re talking about pep talks. Continue reading Pep Talks Make You Smile

2015 Roundup: Best Tour de France Nicknames

Endomondo biking

The Tour de France is renowned for the excitement it stirs up among all the fans that tune in worldwide to follow the race. We’re fans of these athletes thanks to their passion and dedication to the sport, and we’re not alone, since this is one of the world’s largest sporting events with millions of fans cheering from the sidelines. Continue reading 2015 Roundup: Best Tour de France Nicknames

Calling All Photography Aficionados

Hey photography buffs, we know you’re out there! Ever take an amazing picture while out doing your workout and think “I’ve got to share this one”. Well, now you can…with us! We want to see those awe-inspiring snapshots of the cool sights you see while you work out. The best one will get pride of place as the cover of our Facebook and Google+ pages. Continue reading Calling All Photography Aficionados

Growing Support For Movember

Movember Endos

November is here, and to the guys in our office, that can only mean one thing: Movember! They couldn’t wait to put down their razors and let their mustaches go wild. But, the guys also happen to be avid athletes, and so we pondered if sweaty staches would get in the way of their workouts. Their response was unanimous: “it’s worth it!” Continue reading Growing Support For Movember