You VS the Year: 2 Runners Share Their Experience

You VS the Year

We’re more than halfway through 2016 and it’s time to check in on our running goals. Two of our intrepid community members, Emma and Morten, have stepped up by joining “You VS the Year”—the most inspirational digital running challenge to ever unite over 1 million runners in a single goal.  Continue reading You VS the Year: 2 Runners Share Their Experience

Catching up with World Record Runner, Yvie

Yvie running at Loch Ness
Photo credit: Yvie Johnson

A few months ago, we shared a story about a courageous member of our community named Yvie who was on a mission. Well, two actually. The first: run the equivalent of twice the length of mainland Great Britain to set a World Record—running from Land’s End to John o’Groats and back. The second, and most personal, to bring awareness to mental illness through her journey. Continue reading Catching up with World Record Runner, Yvie

Running with Fight to Shed Light on Mental Illness

Yvie - Running to Set a World Record

Though you may not always hear about the prevalence of mental illness, the stats concerning it simply can’t be ignored. One-in-four adults will experience a mental health problem within any given year. One-in-ten young people will be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Nine-in-ten people with mental health problems experience stigma and discrimination.

About a year ago, one of our users, a former police officer, mother-of-3, design student, illustrator and multi-discipline athlete, Yvie, became one of those statistics. On April 23rd 2015, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. This didn’t come as a surprise, but it did rock her foundations and caused her to question her very existence. Continue reading Running with Fight to Shed Light on Mental Illness

This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

London's Midnight Runners Club

It’s what you do in the dark that puts you in the light.

That’s the mantra that Under Armour athletes and runners across our communities have embraced to shine the spotlight on their training and forego the kind of distractions that could take the focus off of their workout. But, what does it really mean to go dark?  For these athletes, going dark is about skipping that Friday party, missing out on a chance to hang out with friends, pushing themselves to their limits, and making sacrifices in pursuit of those moment of glory. Continue reading This Is How One Crew Runs the Night

The Winners of the #TrackYourArt Contest Are…

Track Your Art

Last month, we launched our #TrackYourArt contest and asked you to enter your most artistic route. The workouts have been done, the routes have been run (or biked, or walked). Now it’s time to reveal which ones among them have been chosen as the best of the best. Narrowing the choices down wasn’t easy since there were tons of great entries, ranging from the bark side to proclamations of love to old Hollywood, and all the way to SPARTA!

We even got a special video shoutout from a group of marathoners from Hungary cheering for their friend’s run and we loved how they embraced #SquadGoals. Continue reading The Winners of the #TrackYourArt Contest Are…

Victoria’s Story: 1 Year and 7 Lessons That Changed Her Life

19921_939943206072994_2077034125084302287_nLife doesn’t always go as you plan it, and a lot of times, it will throw you a curve ball which can push you off track – or make you change for the better. One of our members, Victoria, was faced with a major setback to her health that could have made her veer away from a fit lifestyle, but instead, forged an incredible new path to success which she’s been on for the past year. Her story is about overcoming odds and creating the reality you want for yourself instead of letting your circumstances define you. One year and seven lessons have made all the difference in her life, and they could do the same for you and your fitness goals. Here is her story. Continue reading Victoria’s Story: 1 Year and 7 Lessons That Changed Her Life

Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

Photo credit: Melissa L.

Last week, we asked you to share your spookiest fitness story with us, and we received quite a few entries that have made more than one of us think twice about running on that dark trail and pack some more lights when we head out. Though picking a winner from the bunch was a challenge, we decided that this story by our user Dan Asquith, which we’ve dubbed “A Thrash in the Night”, was the one that gave us the most goosebumps. Here is his tale of an unusually eerie run: Continue reading Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

What’s Your Best Halloween-Themed Fitness Story?


Let’s face it. At some point in the pursuit of our fitness goals, most of us have had at least one less-than-memorable experience. Maybe it was that time you spontaneously signed up for a race when you hadn’t run in weeks that made you walk funny for days. Or maybe it was that night you witnessed a zombie tarantula come back from the dead while riding your bike home. It might even have been that time you ran past your doppelganger while on your morning jog. Even if that experience didn’t seem all that amazing when it happened, a story is usually better in retrospect. And with Halloween right around the corner, we think it’s a perfect time to share those weird fitness stories.

Continue reading What’s Your Best Halloween-Themed Fitness Story?

This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

How do you find the motivation to get active after life takes you off track? Well, for one of our users, the answer came from thanks to some encouragement from a true friend, the allure of stats, and power of setting a goal. JoAnne found herself back in her zone after years of leaving her love of competition behind to focus on raising a family. If you can relate or could use some inspiration to stay motivated, then read on to see how she reignited her passion and is now on her way to tackle new challenges. Continue reading This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner

Getting fit is a reward in itself. Still, when you’re already doing something good for yourself,  it doesn’t hurt to sweeten the pot by having a little extra incentive, like getting an amazing prize for your efforts. A sponsor of one of our featured challenges, Spies (a Danish travel agency), sent one lucky winner on a 1-week training camp in sunny Numa Beach in Alanya, Turkey. We caught up with Michelle after she came back from her trip and asked her to fill us in on what it was like to win the challenge and share her experience in Turkey. Continue reading The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner