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We have optimized our Android app (9.0.0. and up) for tablets. It offers you a nice overview of your workouts and newsfeed for yourself or your friends.
Tablet mode is supported on 7″ and larger Android devices. (OS should be Ice-cream Sandwich or newer). If your device is detected to be a tablet size, you can choose between tablet or mobile mode and control a display rotation: automatic, portrait or landscape. The app can be installed only in a mobile mode in case your device is smaller.
Tablet mode shows a scrollable workout calendar, newsfeed and friends within a Home screen – this view is new and not available in the mobile mode.
If you tap on a friend, the workout calendar and the newsfeed will switch to your friend’s workout calendar and newsfeed.
The monthly summary shows a number of workouts for each sport as well as total distance/duration/calories (shifts when clicking).
We made the tablet mode primarily for a casual workout browsing but if you go running with your tablet, make sure you take a picture and send it to us 🙂

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