Bridging the Gap from Endomondo to Facebook


Talking to Endomondo members, we know you all use Endomondo in your own way. Some of you compete with friends, family and coworkers. Some of you use Endomondo as a community for encouragement in your fitness goals, getting love and encouragement from those you are taking that journey with to better health and a better life.

Facebook Timeline

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Facebook timeline app. Integrating our app with Facebook’s more than 845 million active users, we offer our members a way to share their trials, tribulations and triumphs with their friends, family and coworkers.

We’re making it even easier to share your Endomondo workouts on Facebook. With the timeline app, Endomondo is moving to even more social activity, being able to share with your friends and tell your fitness story.

The new timeline app lets you:

Post workouts LIVE to your timeline, News Feed and ticker:

The Endomondo app offers real-time updates to Facebook timeline, so your workout data will be updated as you bike, run and more and will let your friends follow your progress while you’re working out.

Show the route of your latest workouts:

Endomondo will share the maps from your latest workouts so friends and family can match your exercise and take the same route. Of course, sharing your route is up to you. If you do not want to share the routes of your workout, you can go to Settings on, click on Privacy and set the map to Private.

List recent workouts with statistics:

Your Facebook timeline will include an overview of your recent workouts, including distance, duration, speed and calories burned for each of those workouts.

See where you’ve been – monthly and for the year:

For you and your friends and family to get an idea of how you’re doing month-to-month or for the year, you can now click on the Endomondo app on your timeline, and get an overview.

Post all your historical workouts to timeline:

This is not just for future workouts. You can share all the workouts already tracked with Endomondo on your timeline.

Sync changes on Endomondo with timeline:

Your history at is now synced up with timeline. If you make an edit on Endomondo, it is automatically reflected on your Facebook timeline too.

Okay, we know that all sounds great … but how do you start with Endomondo on Facebook? To get started, log in to, go to Settings and then Connect. From there, you’ll be able to choose to share future workouts to your Facebook timeline, as well as share past and future workouts.

And for those who want to share with your community on Facebook, but remain a bit more private, you can choose who on Facebook can see your activity when you install the app. And you can always edit the settings from your Application Settings Page on Facebook, and can remove specific activity directly from Timeline or from your personal Activity Log on Facebook.

We look forward to hearing what you think about the real-time updates to Facebook and how you are sharing with your community. Comment here or on our Facebook page, and have a great workout!

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