Bike To Work Day 2012


Image via Bike to Work SF Flikr

It is Bike to Work Day here in the San Francisco bay! Today commuters have ditched their gas powered modes of transportation for two wheels. 

Bike to Work Day is all about encouraging people to hop on their bikes and take advantage of the healthy and environmentally friendly options a bike can provide. Here in the bay area about 1 million residents live within 5 miles of their workplace—hello, ideal bike commute! It’s hard to argue a reason not to ride when the numbers are taken into consideration.

In addition to getting people to use their bikes more often, Bike to Work Day is also about having fun. Today there will be energizer stations set up all over the bay providing riders with snacks, refreshments, freebies and lots of encouragement!

Feeling inspired to hop on your bike and commute to work or just get out there and ride for fun? We sure do and we’ll be tracking it too. If you want to find bike routes in your area don’t forget to log in to Endomondo and search your hometown for routes or see what Google suggests for a bike route by mapping directions via bike.

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