Great Motivations: A Look Back at the Best Pep Talks of 2016


Every year, you inspire us with your fun, dedicated approach to fitness, and this year was no exception. Aside from staying committed to freeing your endorphins, you remind us that our community is full of pep talk virtuosos.

This year’s Pep Talk Awards have yielded some of the greatest motivational gems thus far, and as usual, you made finding the best of the best a challenge.

Despite loving all the pep talks we received, there were a few that truly stood out, so we’ve rounded them up hoping they inspire you to keep going strong until the end of the year and to get psyched for 2017!

Check out the “Best Pep Talk of 2016” along with a few awesome honorable mentions.

The winning pep talk

“Don’t look now, but you are being followed by a blue line.”

 – Submitted by Kara R.

Supergirl for the win 🙌

Pep Talk Awards 2016

The direct approach

“Go, Go Go, Go, Go, Go…Go” 144 times!  – Submitted by Nicole M.

Motivation all the way 🏃

Pep Talk Awards 2016

A musical ride

“10 small cyclists came to a path. One drove outside, then there were 9…”  – Submitted by Burkhard W.

Lyrics to last multiple laps 🎶



A sincere sentiment

“It’s all heart and head now baby cakes. And you’ve got both”  – Submitted by Sharon D.

Words you really need to hear after running 20+ laps.



And to wrap it up, these wise words

Some days, it’s not about being the strongest or fastest, braking records, setting new PB’s. Sometimes it about clearing your thoughts to prepare you for a new day. It’s the freedom of being able to enjoy what you love best.” – Submitted by Craig W.


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We want to thank you all for sharing your pep talk with us. A special shout out to this year’s winner and runners-up! Keep on sending your great pep talks to motivate your friends and family in 2017 and as always…

Free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

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