An Amazing User Story


Endomondo users write us frequently to tell of fitness milestones, performance increases or weight loss victories they have achieved using the app. We recently heard from someone who has used Endomondo for more than a year now. His story stood out because Endomondo may very well have saved his life.

About a year ago, he was running alone, doing his typical workout. At home, his wife logged on to Endomondo’s Peptalk feature to offer him some verbal encouragement. When she noticed that he had not moved in awhile, she tried calling her husband to no avail. Worried that he was unreachable, she called an ambulance and told the emergency dispatcher his last coordinates on Endomondo. The medical professionals arrived and found our user unconscious, having had an accident which knocked him out cold.

“Endomondo saved me from a long night before I was found.”

Staying in touch with supportive family and peers is one of the best practices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it doesn’t always play out this dramatically, but being connected and part of a community is key to the success people find using Endomondo.

What’s your Endomondo story?

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