Our mission is to motivate people to get and stay active. We do this by making it more engaging, more social and more fun to exercise.

Endomondo is designed to track your workouts, provide audio feedback along the way and offer guidance on how to reach your goal. It’s a free personal trainer in your pocket which syncs with Endomondo.com, where you can access a full training log and analyze your fitness activity.

We believe fitness should be fun, and social interaction is key to achieving this. Whether it is a real-time pep talk from your significant other, an inspiring comment from your best friend or colleague, or likes from other friends in your social circle, the positive reinforcement will help you go the extra mile. That’s why the app is designed to make it easy for you to connect with your friends, and we strongly recommend you to invite a least a couple of close ones to try it out.

Go on, free your endorphins!

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App Demo

Check out the short demo video to see how Endomondo Sports Tracker works: