A Run Around The World


Jesper Olsen ran his first marathon in 1985, at age 15. Twenty years later, he ran around the world. Literally.

In 2005, Jesper completed the first fully documented lap around the world, running 26,232 km across four continents all to end up right back at the point from which he started – the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich in southeast London. He called the event World Run.

Well, apparently going around the world once wasn’t enough for Jesper. In 2008, he decided to go for World Run II and this time the plan is to cover the longest distance in the history of running – a 40,000 km route from the North to the South and back, from Nordkapp, Norway to the tip of Africa, then up from the southernmost point of South America to St. Johns, Canada.

On this trip, Jesper is not going alone. For World Run II, Jesper is joined by Australian runner Sarah Barnett, also an experienced distance runner. Jesper and Sarah are already halfway through the trip (they are in Iquique, Chile at the time of this post) and plan on finishing in March of 2012.

Since both runners are using Endomondo, you can follow along as history is made and track their progress here!

I wonder how many Endomondo Peptalks it would take to get me through a run around the world…

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