Winners of the “New Design Sprint Challenge”


It was a tough sprint towards the new design and you all burned a lot of calories to get there.

The three winners of the “Sprint Towards the New Endomondo Site” challenge are: Bryan L. PoVey (US), Israel “Perrocharli” Fresno (Spain), Craig Brown (South Africa) – they burned between 5997 and 826 kcal each and they will all get an Endomondo Sports Jacket. Congratulations!

And thank you all for participating!

If you haven’t joined our two new featured challenges sponsored by Polar and AudioFuel respectively, you can do it by clicking on them from the frontpage. In the AudioFuel challenge, you will get a free download with running music and great coaching to motivate you on the run. Download it to your MP3 player or phone here.

Time to free your endorphins!

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