Breaking Down Three Million Users


We recently surpassed the three million mark for total Endomondo downloads! Wow, three million of you. Just who are you? We thought it would be a fun time to dig into our analytics and see what we can learn.

Here are some interesting findings:

  • Users’ phones: With more than one million downloads, most Endomondo users are exercising with their Android. BlackBerry comes second, and iPhone third
  • Top five countries with the most users, in order: United States, Great Britain,Denmark, Canada, and Spain. Spain, you better watch out though, because France and Germany are right behind you and catching up quickly!
  • Most popular activities, in order: Running, sport cycling, transport cycling, walking, mountain biking
  • Least popular activity: Snowboarding. Come on snowboarders! The skiers are besting you by a wide margin
  • Endomondo-related Google searches are at an all-time high, as are more general searches for social, mobile workout gear

So what have we learned from our users?

  • A mobile app can make sports more fun and motivate more people to exercise
  • Flexibility is crucial when working out, which is why running and cycling keeps getting more popular and users love to have a quick and easy way to track their sport of choice
  • Having a social dimension is still extremely important when doing sports
  • The more Endomondo users that sign up, the more fun we all have! So help us spread the word

You can start by helping to spread the word about an award that we are up for. UK’s biggest tech awards, T3 Gadget Awards, has nominated Endomondo for App of the Year. We would love your vote here! And tell your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The voting ends July 20,2011.

Thank you all for your continued support!

The Endo Team

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