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Endomondo focuses on community first and that is one thing that makes us different from the rest of the mobile fitness apps. We spend so much time emphasizing community building because ultimately, we are focused on results—our users meeting their health goals. It’s really simple; with a strong and supportive community, we’ve found that people stay more motivated and healthier. So we work hard to give you ways to build such a community.

A lot of companies seem to believe that offering a way to compare your health to that of your peers is enough to motivate you, but we believe comparison is only half of a successful community health project. Comparison is a helpful tool, but motivation is much more effective. Comparison gets the competitive juices flowing and sets the goal, but motivation is what pushes you toward that goal, what gets you through the home stretch.

This is why our favorite feature is the “Peptalk.” No data set can replace the personal touch of hearing someone’s voice during the difficult portions of your workout, and Peptalk allows you and your friends to send voice messages of encouragement to each other mid-workout. Your friends can be your personal trainers and you don’t even have to pay them!

Another important Endomondo social feature is that it lets you be flexible. You can still challenge and get motivated by your friends without having to schedule your workout around them. You can compete against their times from that day, their best (or worst) times ever, or own time from the day before whenever is convenient for you. You don’t have to compromise your schedule to stay in you workout community.

The goal of Endomondo is to create healthy communities and to bring people together to make working out more fun and more productive. This separates us from the competition.

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