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If you’re a fan of our app and social channels, chances are you’ve seen the face of the person responsible for keeping our features on point, and making sure we keep innovating to offer the very best to our users.  Meet Ture, our VP of Product.

Aside from being a runner, mountain biker, and outdoor adventure fan, he’s also a ski instructor. He knows what drives him to get active, so his passion for our Product push him to discover innovative ways to develop Endomondo.

We sat down with him to ask some questions about what motivates him.

1. You joined the Endomondo Team pretty early on, right? What was the best thing about those early days?
Well, the coolest thing was being placed at the center of a new product and idea. Even though I was a student when I started here, I was given the chance to add my input and make decisions. At the time, there were less than 2k users, and it was just five of us on the team, so we were all included in the decision-making process. Very different perspectives helped shape what Endomondo is today.

2. And the toughest challenge from that time?
There were actually two things. The first was that I knew this was great idea. But it was ahead of the times since only a handful of phones had GPS. Being first movers has its pitfalls, and so some people laughed at our ambitions and said there was no future in this. But, we truly believed in it. The other was the economical side.  I was often thinking: do I still have a job six months from now? Or will we run out of money?




3. What was your defining moment here?
From my six years here, two actually stick out: One was when we hit the first million users. Smaller milestones were great, but that moment made us realize that we were really on to something big. We wanted to celebrate the 1 million mark (in March), but we couldn’t find a date over the summer. We planned the party for late August, and that week we hit the 2 million mark! Basically, it took two and a half  years to reach 1 million, and then just 5 months to double up the user base.

4. Which app feature is your personal favorite?
You’re asking me to pick just one? That’s tough! They are all great, but the one that makes me smile most is the Peptalk feature. We have so many useful features intended to help with your performance, but when I’m out running, a Peptalk always puts a smile on my face, and I end up doing better. When I’m browsing and see that a friend is out, I send them a Peptalk so I can make a difference in someone else’s workout.

5. What’s the best thing about working here?
It’s definitely working with something I love doing. I’ve always been active, doing outdoor sports since I was a kid, like running, biking…exploring my neighborhood to find new places. Now I have a way to keep an actual log of my memories. I wish I had the app when I was a kid! Working with something you are passionate about is really special.

I would honestly use Endomondo regardless of whether I worked here or not. From a professional perspective, I love challenging what is possible, developing a tool which is innovative and motivating to use, as well as getting feedback from users and teammates about new things that would be cool to do. And it’s super inspiring to hear stories from our users, on how our app has helped them get a healthier life – that’s a reward in itself, so keep those stories coming.

6. What’s your favorite sport?
Skiing. I like a lot of sports, but that is my definite favorite. Free heel, deep powder skiing! As you mentioned, I was a ski instructor before I started here. I had two seasons in the French Alps – first as a tour guide and then as a ski instructor (got certified there), so I could get more skiing in during the day. While I was studying for my Master’s, I worked as a ski instructor in the Alps too, whenever I had a few weeks off.

7. Coolest sport you’ve ever tried?
I’ve tried a few including adventure racing, white water kayaking,  alpine tour skiing, paragliding – come to think of it, maybe I’m kind of an adventure junkie! One thing I’d like to try that I haven’t done yet is skydiving. I’ve dropped cliffs with skis on, so I think that would give me an even greater rush. I have to admit that I’m a little afraid of trying skydiving, because I might end up liking it so much that I want to keep on doing it 🙂




8. On Fridays, you’re usually out running with the crew before lunch. So, how did you first get into running?
I’ve always been active but I didn’t really run. The first week here, Christian (co-founder) asked if I ever did a marathon. I said no and so naturally he signed me up to the Copenhagen Marathon. Six months later, I ran it and beat his time! A little positive peer pressure never hurts in my book.

9. What do you think the next big thing in fitness is?
I think we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with wearables – and I’m not just thinking about armbands and smartwatches – I’m thinking clothing and everything we use in our daily life, so I’m looking forward to what’s on the horizon with these devices. I see this tying into the whole “Quantified Self” movement – people’s awareness of their activity levels is helping to achieve a healthier outlook on life, so I’m excited to be a part of this revolution. I truly believe that we can help raise that awareness and get people to lead more active lives.

10. Where do you see our App heading?
I see endless possibilities within this space. With the health movement growing, I believe we can be the place where you head to see your performance from any activity, get motivated to stay active and engage with friends and a growing community. I see us all become a fitness community which is borderless, and not limited to a physical space. Eventually, I hope we can all train and get motivated with the world or with a next-door neighbor.

Ture is a definite inspiration to the rest of the team, but he isn’t the only one here freeing his endorphins on the regular. Keep up with us on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter to get to know more of the faces behind Endo!

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