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Fun Friday: Endo Mountain Bikers

Some of our Endo’s spent the day kicking up dirt on a mountain bike trail outside of Copenhagen. Check out their route here. How will you be freeing your endorphins this weekend?

Rockstar Athlete: Mike Dimkich of The Cult

Here at Endomondo, we like to think of all of our users as rockstar athletes but Mike Dimkich is a true rockstar athlete. By day he’s racking up miles and by night he’s rocking out on stage with The Cult. Pretty cool, huh? We thought so and Mike was gracious enough to answer a few questions about his rockstar athlete lifestyle.  Read more

Math & Cycling from Garry of

Image Via

Math and cycling go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? Okay, maybe not. But we’re sure all you cycle junkies can agree with this equation: Cycling = Life. If you feel yourself nodding in agreement then Garry Stafford of has 8 more equations you’ll love. Read more

Ten Questions With: Susan of

Here at Endomondo, we love our users and Susan happens to be one of them. She runs the blog and was kind enough to answer a few questions for us. Read more

Fun Friday: Endo On Your Bike

Endomondo Bike Sticker

We think we have the best users around and when we get photos like this our thoughts are proven right. Read more

The National Bike Challenge is Gaining Miles

25,000 riders, 2.8 million miles and 119,536 burgers.

Endomondo National Bike Challenge

The National Bike Challenge is a four month program aspiring to push people out of cars and into the fresh air to use their bikes for commuting. Read more

Endos Unite In San Francisco

Team Endomondo

A few weeks ago, the Endomondo Copenhagen team hopped on a plane San Francisco bound to visit the new US office, do some work and have a little endorphin freeing fun.  Read more

Bike To Work Day 2012

Image via Bike to Work SF Flikr

It is Bike to Work Day here in the San Francisco bay! Today commuters have ditched their gas powered modes of transportation for two wheels.  Read more

Start Your Pedals, America

Riding the bike to work is great way to get around and free some endorphins at the same time. Millions of Europeans are doing it every day. Now it’s time for Americans to get up and ride!

We’re proud to announce the 2012 Get Up & Ride National Bike Challenge. Endomondo is partnering with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Bikes Belong and the League of American Bicyclists to present the National Bike Challenge – a new nationwide program in the US that will encourage people to bike for transportation and recreation. The challenge will run from May 1 to August 31 and aims to inspire millions of Americans to ride their bikes for transportation, recreation and better health. Read more


Congratulations to the whole Ride4Water team! We could not be more proud to have been part of their journey. Refusing to be stopped by a broken pelvis and a myriad of other hardships and obstacles, the team completed its journey accross America, raising money to bring clean drinking water to rural Kenyan communities.

See the video of their incredible journey here.


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