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Get Ready for Gear 2! Support for Samsung Gear 2 is Now Available.



After we announced Samsung Gear Fit integration, we got a LOT of questions regarding when we would release Gear 2 support. Well, have no fear, Gear 2 support is here! We’ve just finished working out the kinks and are happy to reveal that the integration is operating smoothly.

The update includes support for Samsung Gear 2 Neo as well. For a list of supported devices, scroll down here.

Samsung Gear 2 lets you start, pause or stop a workout while your Endomondo app is running in the background. You can swipe between three page displays and each of them can show up to three different stats, such as heart rate, distance, speed or workout duration. To change our default settings and configure which stats you would like to see, access Smartwatches in your Endomondo app settings (as long as you have updated your app to version 10.3.1).

Unlike Gear Fit, which doesn’t feature heart rate monitoring, Gear 2 can both measure your heart rate and then show this data in your Endomondo app and on your Gear 2 display. The sensor, located on the backside of the watch, sends the heart rate data to the Endomondo app, but this can be disabled (from version 10.3.1 and up) if you prefer to use a heart rate strap instead.

How to make it work:
To make Endomondo app “talk ” with your Samsung Gear 2, you need to download Gear Manager app, access Samsung Gear Apps and install the Endomondo Sports Tracker for Gear 2 app. We could only link this app to one Android app, which means that our PRO users must use our Free app when using Gear 2!

Want to snap some pics of your workout? Gear 2 has got you covered. Samsung Gear 2 has a camera (though Gear 2 Neo does not), so you can take pictures while exercising and add them afterwards to your workout on your phone. To do this, you need to do it in the Endomondo app after the workout is completed.

We hope you enjoy tracking with your new Gear and Endomondo!

The Endomondo Team

Endomondo Fitness App Now Connects With Samsung Gear Fit and Gear 2

Compatible with 17 Samsung Android Smartphones

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – August 13, 2014 – Furthering support for wearables, Endomondo today announces integration of its popular Endomondo Sports Tracker app with the Samsung Gear Fit and Samsung Gear 2.  Endomondo’s new feature is compatible with 17 of Samsung’s Android smartphones linking to the two devices.

Endomondo paired with the Gear Fit or Gear 2 lets users start, pause or stop a workout without reaching for smartphones. Data such as distance, time exercising, calories burned and more can be displayed, and the built-in HR monitor is supported on Gear 2. Users can also set the smartwatch’s display to be light or dark for easy viewing. Read more

Android 9.3.1. Brings Full Screen Graphs and Design Improvements

Endomondo on Android

The last Endomondo app release of 2013 goes to our Android users – vers. 9.3.1.

Premium and PRO users on Android can enjoy full screen graphs with speed, altitude and heart rate data (see picture below). This feature is coming on iPhone in January 2014.

The rest of the new features are available for all users. We made new main menu navigation. Our graphic designers touched up some of the app icons and added a bit of color to them, which is visible on the picture as well. News feed has also been given some attention and made nicer with Maps inline. The improved layout is especially noticable on larger phone screens or tablets.

From this version on, we require mobiles to have at least Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Older Android phones can still download and use version 9.2.2.

Android 9.3.1


2012 Round-Up: A Year of Endorphins

Endo diamond

2013 is already a week old and we’re excited about what the New Year will bring! Before we look into what to expect from Endomondo in 2013, let’s first have a look at what happened in 2012. Read more

New Android App Update Offers Audio Coach Customization, a Step Counter and More

big android
We released a NEW update of the Android app – version 8.4.2. The new Audio Coach customization accommodates the two most requested features on our forum. We’re also bringing multiple languages and voices to the Audio Coach, a Step Counter, and the ability to view friends’ workouts and cadence directly in the app. Read more

Meet the New Endomondo for Android

You know how you workout extra hard to show off your beach bod once summer rolls around? Well, we’ve been working extra hard on our appearance lately too. Our Android app got a makeover and we really hope you like the new look!

Read more

It’s All About Ten

Talk about a big ten—Android Market just passed ten billion downloads. They are taking the week to celebrate, with ten-themed deals on some of their applications. If ever there was a time to get Endomondo Pro, now is it, because for the next 24 hours and one more day within the next week, the app will be going down to $0.10 for Android users (or similar low price depending on currency)—the normal price is $3.99. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the exact date and time! Read more

Endomondo on Android taken to a new level – and it’s all free!

We’ve promised you a release every day from Monday to Thursday this week and we’ll start out with some exciting Android news!

We’ve released three new killer features in the free app for Android: Beat a friend, Compete on a route and Manual entry. With the first two of these features, we’re taking a giant step towards making sports more social without giving up flexibility. It enables you to compete against friends or local Endos that you don’t know (yet) without being constrained by having to work out at a specific time. Read more


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