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First Brand Pages Appear for Powerade and Jabra On Popular Endomondo Social Fitness Network

Brands Can Now Connect with 20 Million Fitness Fans Worldwide Through New Page Concept on Endomondo

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Jan. 21, 2014 – In an effort to bolster compelling website content while providing brands a way to connect with fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo this week launched a Brand Pages service for its very popular fitness social network ( The first companies taking advantage of this new platform are Powerade and Jabra — two well-known brands in the fitness/exercise market.

Mette Lykke, Endomondo’s CEO, said the new Brand Pages solution bundles together many of the compelling innovations Endomondo has developed and launched over the last two years. Additionally, she noted companies with Brand Pages can populate the Endomondo network with engaging stories, updates and links that will further enhance the experience of Endomondo’s energized and dedicated user base.

“Companies with Brand Pages at Endomondo will be able to utilize our services to construct specific Challenges for users, organize and promote events, share specialized routes for exercise, host giveaways, and contain it all at a single destination,” Lykke said. “We believe this will make our website even more interesting and engaging, and further our goal of making fitness social, interactive and fun.”

Bachir Zeroual, Global Director of Marketing Ventures for The Coca-Cola Company, said Endomondo’s new service is a cost-effective means for delivering intriguing content to a target market, which is why Powerade jumped at the opportunity to develop Brand Pages. And with a portfolio of assets that includes the likes of the FIFA World Cup and Olympics, there will be plenty of opportunities for Powerade to leverage various partnerships in creative ways that will surely interest Endomondo’s audience.

Jabra, which develops audio products catering to fitness devotees, also saw obvious benefits to establishing Brand Pages. Suzaan Sauerman, Global Senior Director of Consumer Solutions at Jabra, said, “The active market is a key sector for Jabra and our partnership with Endomondo adds tremendous value in helping us deliver a richer user experience and push the boundaries of wireless sound. Interacting with end users has always been a core element of our product development and Endomondo’s brand engagement provides the ideal platform for us to expand our reach and offer value to build closer relationships with our target market.”

Along with its social network, Endomondo developed the Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app which turns GPS-enabled smartphones into a personal trainer and social motivator capable of scheduling a training program, tracking workouts, analyzing performance, and can aid in the discovery of new activities and insights into fitness so people become and stay active. Endomondo stands apart from other activity tracking apps in its strong focus on social interaction, and helps users connect with like-minded individuals to encourage the sharing of experiences and support in achieving collective goals. Users can send friends real-time pep talks while they exercise, compete against friends for fun, challenge co-workers, and share it all across social networks.

For more information, please contact Endomondo at .

About Endomondo:
Founded in 2007 by fitness enthusiasts, Endomondo developed a social fitness network ( and fitness tracking mobile app (Endomondo Sports Tracker) available on seven mobile platforms and operating on most major smartphones.


Media Contacts:
Jim Llewellyn, for Endomondo Mette Lykke, Endomondo CEO/Co-founder, 323.810.7685, +4530761290

Coming Soon: Some Windows Phone Love

WP announcement
As you have surely noticed if you have a Windows Phone, it has been a while since we last updated Endomondo on this platform. We’re happy to share with you that we will soon bring new features to the Windows Phone app. We expect the first release to come out in April and more will follow after that.

We invite you to help us prioritize. While we understand that you probably want the same feature set as we have on iOS and Android, we can’t deliver everything at once. We need to do this in phases and that’s why we’re asking for your opinion. So, mentioning one thing only, what should be our top priority on Windows Phone? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you for your patience and continued support – and please keep the feedback coming at

Big Graphs on iPhone 8.8.0.

With the latest release on iPhone app 8.8.0. we have improved a layout of the Workout screen. The most noticeable change is the new access to Map screen. You can slide or tap between Workout and Map screens more easily – notice the arrow icon on the picture. Read more

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Alive

With a new year comes a new chance to improve, and that applies to our physique too. Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? The Endomondo team did!

“I want to follow my training plan, so I avoid getting injured again and I want to beat my PB on the Half Marathon distance at the World Half Marathon Championship 2014 in March.”
Ture, Product Manager

“I would like to get faster on 10K, so I want to start a training plan and follow it for 3 months. And who am I kidding, I also want leaner thighs in 2014 :-) so pilates twice a week!”
Eva, Community team

“I want to take up road biking or mountain biking (haven’t decided which one yet :-)”
Lucian, Server team

“In 2014 I want to run 1000 km”
Morten, Mobile team

“I want to bulk up from 76 kg to 90 kg.”
Mikkel, Community team

January is the perfect time to get a fresh start and think about how you can get or maintain a healthy body in the coming year. But it can be difficult to follow through on New Year’s resolutions, especially without any help or support.
The good news is that regardless if you made any New Year’s resolutions, Endomondo is here for you to help you reach your fitness goals.
Whether you want to run your first 5K or are looking to improve your marathon pace, we’ve got you covered.
We’re offering a month’s free Premium trial to all non-Premium Endomondo users if you sign up before
January 15th. You can cancel at any time within the first month to avoid any payments.

Just follow this link: to start your free trial of Endomondo Premium.

We wish you a fit and fabulous 2014 full of endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

Android 9.3.1. Brings Full Screen Graphs and Design Improvements

Endomondo on Android

The last Endomondo app release of 2013 goes to our Android users – vers. 9.3.1.

Premium and PRO users on Android can enjoy full screen graphs with speed, altitude and heart rate data (see picture below). This feature is coming on iPhone in January 2014.

The rest of the new features are available for all users. We made new main menu navigation. Our graphic designers touched up some of the app icons and added a bit of color to them, which is visible on the picture as well. News feed has also been given some attention and made nicer with Maps inline. The improved layout is especially noticable on larger phone screens or tablets.

From this version on, we require mobiles to have at least Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Older Android phones can still download and use version 9.2.2.

Android 9.3.1


Failure or Success of New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Resolve to Exercise Could Depend on Right Tools, Support and Approach

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Dec. 18, 2013 – Countless studies and surveys have shown that people determined to get fit in the New Year frequently fall short in their attempt. Even with the best of intentions, many people quickly lose their drive to exercise. But with the right tools, support and mindset, perhaps the chance of success can be increased.

Endomondo, developers of the very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker smartphone app and social fitness network, witnessed a 58 percent increase last year in weekly exercise activities amongst users from mid-December through the first week of January. And while usage in most countries declined during the second half of January, all countries showed increased activity in February – thus showing that mobile technology can be a useful force in getting fit. Read more

Endomondo Challenge in Poland: T-Mobile donates $300,000 (US) to Disabled Kids

Pomoc km 1Challenges are an important part of the Endomondo community – they are here to motivate and to give you an opportunity to win fun prizes while interacting with other Endos.

The recent Polish challenge, “Help Measured in Kilometers,” went beyond a challenge’s usual purpose. It managed to engage over 250,000 people in Poland (which is typically the number of users joining Endomondo global challenges) to support disabled children.

The challenge went from June to September. Every two weeks we announced a goal such as how many kilometers could be done collectively by tracking running, cycling, mountain biking, fitness walking, hiking or skating. Disabled people were invited to participate, too, by tracking their wheelchair and hand-biking activities. Challenge participants managed to track more than 40 million kilometers, which is 100 times more than the distance from Earth to the Moon.

As a result, T-Mobile donated 1 million Polish Zlotys (more than $300,000 US) to disabled kids. T-Mobile CEO Miroslav Rakowski said it was the first time in T-Mobile history they cooperated with a tech company on such a big project. We were very happy to see Endomondo and its users could be a valuable, energetic tool for charity and we hope there will be similar projects in the future.

Pomoc km 2

New Releases on Android and iPhone Improve Training Plans Features

Audio Coach

As we introduced the Training Plans two months ago, we knew that the job was by no means done and there are plenty of possibilities how to make this feature even more engaging and motivating. We also received plenty of ideas for enhancements regarding the Training Plans. We appreciate all the feedback you gave us, which is why the new releases on Android (vers. 9.2.0.) and iPhone (8.7.0.) primarily address your call for better audio feedback and more website features to be available in the app. In other words, we have improved the Audio Coach for both Training Plans and Interval Training and you can now create a Training Plan right in the app.

Create a Training Plan in the app
You can now create a personal Training Plan directly in the app. The setup includes three steps, which will make sure that the training plan helps you to reach your running goal in the best possible way.

Training Plan Create

Improved Audio Coach
We have improved the Audio Coach for the Training Plans by adding more frequent feedback on your pace and progress.
Those of you, who have already tried the Training Plans, know that most of the planned workouts consist of various intervals. These intervals can be either distance or duration based. Frequency and content of the audio feedback depends on how long the particular interval is.

Without going into too much detail, here are the basic rules:
1. If the interval is shorter than 100m (0,1mile) or 30s: There is no additional Audio Coach feedback

2. If the interval is between 100m-1km (0,1-1mile) or 30s-5min: You will get feedback on the remaining distance or duration and split pace during the interval.
Example: When you have a 600 meter interval, you will hear the Audio Coach every 200m telling you the remaining distance and the split pace.

3. If the interval is longer than 1km (1mile) or 5min: The standard Audio Coach settings will apply. If your planned workout includes such interval, make sure you access you Audio Coach settings and pick what feedback you would like to hear.
Example: If it’s a duration based 10min interval, you can customize your Audio Coach settings to hear your lap pace and heart-rate every minute (or any other option available).

The World is Going Green

We’ve now passed 20 million users and 1 billion miles tracked. We want to thank all of you for supporting us and being part of this journey. Check out this video – you make the world go endo green!



Endomondo Fitness App Runs Past 20 Million Users and Reaches Profitability

One Billion Miles Logged – Primarily Within Running, Biking and Walking

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Oct. 16, 2013 – The Endomondo Sports Tracker fitness app has reached the 20 million user milestone while remaining a popular, highly rated fitness app across most mobile operating systems.  The milestone was reached just as Endomondo celebrated the 5th anniversary of the 2008 launch of its first mobile app. Read more


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