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Meet the new Endomondo for Windows Phone 8

We’re happy to share with you that our new Windows Phone 8 app is now live and available in the Windows Store. Update to version today and enjoy a much nicer and more stable experience.

As previously noted, the main purpose of this release is to get the app up to date so that we have a solid foundation to build new features and a killer app on.

We want to thank the more than 1500 users who signed up to beta test the app. We appreciate your help and welcome any additional feedback.

Here’s a rundown of the main improvements.

Design overhaul and new navigation
The first thing you’ll notice is that the app got a major makeover. It’s now much more Windows Phone and much more 2014 and the usability has improved a lot.

The app still starts at the workout tracker screen but if you slide to the side, you’ll find the new main navigation with easy access to your News Feed, History, Friends, Map and Settings.


History sync
The history in the app now syncs with which means that any workouts done with other devices like Garmin or our app on another phone, are now also visible in the app on Windows Phone.


Text-to-speech and map updates
We’ve improved the audio coach a lot and updated all maps to use Windows Phone 8 maps.


Facebook single sign-on and sharing
You can now log in easily with Facebook and you can share your workouts on Facebook directly from the app.

Refreshed login flow with intro guide and various bug fixes
In addition to this, we’ve given the login flow an overhaul too and a number of bugs have been fixed.

We hope you’ll take the new app for a spin. Any feedback is welcome at or in the comments.

Have fun freeing your endorphins!

Endomondo Launches Major Update to Prepare Windows Phone App for Future Feature Additions

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – April 10, 2014 – Setting the stage for popular feature offerings down the road, a redesigned Windows Phone update was released today for the Endomondo Sports Tracker app. This is Endomondo’s first major update for Windows Phone in more than a year. Read more

Introducing Statistics on Android and iPhone for Premium users

When we introduced our subscription solution, we committed to continuously add value for our Premium users. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Mobile Statistics – the newest addition to Premium on Android and iPhone. We believe that having a nice overview of your hard-earned workout data right in the app is motivating and we hope you’ll enjoy the new feature.

1 ios 1 android

Before we dig into the specifics of Statistics, please note that users who are not currently Premium members have a chance of trying out Premium including Mobile Statistics for a month at no cost. Just enter code VIEW-MY-STATS during checkout here by the end of April 2014.

How it works
Statistics let you analyze your performance over time. The stats view can be personalized to show exactly the metric you prefer: Number of workouts, distance, duration or calories. To choose your metric, just click on the current metric which will default be set to either Distance or Calories. Further, the charts can be divided into Days/Month, Weeks/Year or Months/Year – and even a few others on Android. Change your setting by clicking on the current time period in the chart’s header.

2 ios 2 android

3 ios 3 android-2

Each sport has its own color and your performance in the previous period is illustrated with a light grey bar in the background. If for example you choose the Months/Year view, the grey bar for April shows your total performance last year in April for comparison.

Finally, Premium users on iPhone can filter stats by sport and #hashtag, e.g., to keep track of the mileage done in your running shoes. You’ll find these filtering options in the top bar – and they can actually be applied to your history list as well. These filtering options will be introduced on Android in one of the next releases. We also plan on including a full-screen landscape view on both platforms.

4 ios 5 ios

Endobeautify Launched to Help Users ‘Look’ Good

Designed as a motivational tool that helps people get and stay fit, we understand that demands of modern existence leave people no time to work out. But to provide the illusion of a healthy lifestyle for those slaving away at work, Endomondo proudly announces the launch of Endobeautify. With Endobeautify, the only thing that’s lazy is your imagination!

Because of Endomondo’s social nature — and the fact that workout updates can be posted to newsfeeds on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter — it’s possible for friends and family to see you’ve been slacking off on exercise. But with Endobeautify, you can fabricate a complete fitness history, including workout duration and calories burned, going back five years.

Stuck in a rut running/biking/walking the same old routes? Endobeautify can generate maps to make it appear as if you’ve jogged the streets of London, cycled the Alps, hiked across the Gobi, or even competed in Sochi events. To support your worldly claims, Endobeautify’s imaging software creates plausible photos to be shared on Instagram or across other social networks. Completing the ruse, Endobeautify’s AI engine generates supportive likes, posts and shares to validate your ‘triumphs.’

Endobeautify is available in beta from April 1, 2014. Please write if you would like to help us test the new feature.



How Endomondo’s CTO Got Back in Shape

Morten before and after

Just two-and-a-half months after Endomondo CTO Morten K. made a New Year’s resolution to get back in shape, he managed to lose 12 kg. So just how did he achieve that feat? What motivated him? Which Training Plan did he use? Find out the answers in this interview. Read more

Merging our PRO and free app into one on iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 08.34.17

Starting this week, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free app on iPhone into one. We want to underline that we are not taking away any features from PRO users and the PRO app will still be functional.

If you are a PRO user on iPhone, we kindly ask you to download our free app and use that in the future. When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads. Also, your historical data is stored on our servers and will be available to you in the free app once you log in. We recommend you verify that your data is available in the free app before deleting the PRO app from your phone.

We’ll grant all iPhone PRO users who transitions to the free iPhone app one month free Premium for the trouble – the free month will start automatically once you log in to the free app and you do not need to provide any payment data.

Thank you so much for your support.

The King of Android Updates Is Out – App Version 10.0

The version number of our latest release on Android app – 10.0 suggests that this release has more to offer than just some bug fixes. It does indeed include some of the most requested features and we hope you will enjoy tracking with our Endomondo Sports Tracker app on Android like never before. So which new features are we talking about?

Bluetooth Low Energy
We kept you waiting for some time, but we are now bringing support for the Bluetooth Low Energy HR monitors on Android. The support for BLE Speed and Cadence devices will be added in one of the next releases. Big thanks goes to almost 200 Android users who joined our Beta testing community at Google+, and helped us testing various Android phones with all kinds of BLE HR monitors. We couldn’t have done this without your support – thanks.

Updated Graphs
Premium and PRO users on Android can enjoy bigger and better graphs on the map.

Lock Screen Widget
Check out the picture showing our new Lock screen widget. It enables you to view your workout data while the screen is locked. You can change the display fields and the text color. Please note that the widget is available only on Android 4.2 and up.

Improved Maps
We added support for Google Maps v2 offering more map features, such as terrain map, rotate and tilt gestures, compass and more.

Google+ Sharing
It is now possible to share your workouts on Google+ right from the app after you finish a workout. When you press the G+ icon, you will have the option to choose which circles on Google+ you want to share your workout with and you can also edit the post. If you add a status message, the same message will be included in Google+ post.

We introduce a completely new ANT+ implementation using “ANT Plugins”. Please reconnect to your sensors as it connects in a new way and we therefore had to delete your current sensor list.

Get Started Tutorial
We made this mini tutorial especially for Endomondo newbies, but everybody is welcome to have a look to get more familiar with the app by following our workout tutorial. You can find it in the top right menu on the Workout screen.

You can download the Endomondo Sports Tracker app for Android at Google Play. If you like our new features, we would appreciate if you took a minute to help others discover Endomondo by rating us.

The Windows Phone Update Is Cooking

We look forward to sharing with you an update for Windows Phone in April. We’ve gotten a ton of feedback on what our main priorities should be and we greatly appreciate your input and enthusiasm.

In the first release this year, we’ll focus on getting the app up to date so that we have a solid foundation to build new features and a killer app on. This is planned to include better stability, updated navigation and design, ability to run in background, two-way history sync and some additional improvements.

After that, we will be ready to prioritize more new functionality. The feature requests so far concentrate around motivation types (especially interval training and goal settings), heart rate integration, audio coach improvements and training plans.

Feel free to put in your 5 cents in the comments if you haven’t yet. Thank you for your support.

Update to Endomondo Terms of Service

We plan to make some changes to our Terms and Conditions that we would like to share with you. The changes serve two main purposes: Providing transparency around the terms of use and privacy of your data and ensuring that we can continuously develop our company and product offering.

We would like to add a few words to the primary changes:

- Webshop: We’ve removed a section in our Terms about the Endomondo store since we no longer operate our own webshop.

- Gift codes: We’ve added a section about gift codes to Endomondo Premium since this is a new concept that was not mentioned in the previous version of our terms. Please see section 9 in the updated Terms for details.

- Employee Fitness: We’ve added a section about Employee Fitness since this is a new concept that was not mentioned in the previous version. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

- Advertisers: We’ve specified what data advertisers can request about non-Premium users when targeting ads and this data may include age, gender, sports interests and location data. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

- Privacy settings: We’ve changed the default setting of heart rate data to Private for new users and made it more clear what the default privacy settings are for your data in general. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

- Cookie policy: There will be no changes to our cookie policy.

We invite you take a few minutes to read the updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to make sure you’re still comfortable using Endomondo.

The current Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are available on our website.

The changes will take effect February 26, 2014.

Nothing is more important to us than your trust and support so we welcome any questions or feedback at

UPDATE Feb 26th, 2014: The documents have now been updated and the current Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are available on our website.

#Tagging #Update

Workout tagging
It’s great to see that so many of you have started using our tagging feature. Based on the usage of tags and the feedback we have received, we’ve made some changes to the feature. We hope this will make it easier for you to tag your workouts and filter the tags in the future.

We have updated tagging so it follows the standard of #tagging known from Twitter and Facebook. Spaces and special characters in tags are no longer allowed (previously allowed on the website) – tags can now contain only letters and numbers. This ensures that the tags on the website and in the app will be the same and work elsewhere when shared. As a result, you can tag your workouts using #tags, easily share it on Facebook, Twitter and other sites – and benefit from the #tag filters these sites have. Read more


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