The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them

greatist_injury_preventionGetting into running is one of the best ways to work out without the fuss. Though, if you don’t do it properly, you could end up being among the estimated 80% of runners that are injured each year due to improper training. Our friends at Greatist have rounded up 12 of the most common running injuries that plague those who hit the pavement, along with a few ways to stop the pain.

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Why You Should Add Interval Training to Your Runs

Interval TrainingInterval training. You’ve probably heard of it before, but even if you’re an avid runner, you may not be using it as part of your training. We’ve been touting the benefits of HIIT (or High Intensity Interval Training) for some time, but if you haven’t tried it before, it may seem more intimidating than just going for a run at a steady pace.  For those of who aren’t doing it yet, we wanted to give you a quick guide on what it is, what it’s good for, and why you should be adding it to your routine, no matter what your running goal is.  Continue reading Why You Should Add Interval Training to Your Runs

How Many Rest Days Do You Really Need?

rechargeWhile we always encourage you to get your daily dose of endorphins, it’s also important to rest and recover properly. But how long you actually need to rest in between workouts is a subject that has long been up for debate. Taking a long break (we’re talking about a week or more) has been shown to significantly affect your fitness gains, but short recovery periods are necessary to both prevent injuries and to keep yourself in good shape. Still, that shorter break varies from person to person and from activity types too. So, if you’re looking to hone in on your best bet for improving your recovery time, keep reading and see if you think these options work for you. Continue reading How Many Rest Days Do You Really Need?

The Best Warm-Up Routine for Walkers and Runners

W_SS15Run_141030_6257Whether you are a walker or jogger, one of the best ways to prep your body for your workout is to perform the movement you are about to do at a slower, gradual pace. But, in addition to slowly easing into the first 5–10 minutes of your run (or walk), there are a few exercises you can include during your warm-up that might help you reduce your risk of injury—and even boost your overall performance once you hit the road. (And, after you are done, be sure to check out these 6 Seated Yoga Stretches for Walkers and Runners to wind down with a proper stretch as well.) Continue reading The Best Warm-Up Routine for Walkers and Runners

Your Guide to Injury-Free Running


Running injuries can definitely put a damper on your workouts. Shin splits, runner’s knee and blisters are the bane of many runners’ existence. If you’ve been looking for ways to keep up with your running without running the risk of getting hurt, then check out this comprehensive guide from Greatist.

The Most Common Running Injuries and How to Avoid Them by
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Your Top Workout Questions, Answered

Recently, we asked you “which burning questions about working out have you always wanted answers to?”. You came back with many interesting questions, and some outright hilarious ones regarding existentialism and workout partner preferences!

Here are the answers to the top fitness questions from our inquisitive Facebook and Google+ users:

How many kilometers or miles i need do before my first 5K?
Well, its not so much kilometers as it is proper training leading up to it. Have you checked out our Premium Personal Training Plans? If you set up a Couch to 5K plan, you should be able easily handle that running goal in no time!

What’s the best song to play while running?
Some experts say that it’s best to run with songs that have the same beats per minute (or BPM) as the pace you want to go at. Music is a really personal thing, so you should pick songs that make you happy and make you want to keep at it. If you want some inspiration, check out this playlist! Continue reading Your Top Workout Questions, Answered

Get Your Endorphin Boost Indoors

gym workouts

Fine, so you’re not the outdoorsy type. So what?  There are plenty of ways to embrace a fit lifestyle that don’t include hitting the road. Whether you dread the thought of working out outdoors, or if you’re simply finding your local gym irresistible lately, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep track of your fitness while you are doing your thing on your favorite indoor workout. Your app is designed to help you not only track all your workouts, but to keep a log of your activity and goals, and get props from you friends when you get fit. So why not get the most out of your Endomondo app, regardless of where your latest sweat session takes place? Take it with you on your next elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike or any other indoor workout and keep tracking all those hard earned brownie points! Continue reading Get Your Endorphin Boost Indoors

Take 5 To Get Active!

coverOkay, we get it. Working out can be tough, and sometimes a lack of time can make it hard to figure out how to add yet another thing to your already packed schedule.  But in all honesty, is there really any good excuse to not get in a little workout every day? Even if it’s just adding some more movement or five extra minutes to your routine, those small fitness feats do add up.  To help you out, we’ve covered the top 5 ways to get motivated to get moving. Continue reading Take 5 To Get Active!

Get Serious Support For Your Workouts!

If you’re an avid Endomondo user, you know that we’re all about fun, social fitness. As much as we love having fun with fitness, there is one thing that we take really seriously – our workout gear. And to the girls in our office, a saggy sports bra is no laughing matter. When we’re giving it our all during a workout, we make sure that our sports bras are giving us the right level of support. So, in order to get you moving no matter what workout style you prefer, we’ve chronicled our experiences with our workouts and the sports bras we’ve been using. Continue reading Get Serious Support For Your Workouts!

The 12 Biggest Myths About Stretching


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Used to getting loose and limber before going on a run? It may be time to think twice about reaching for those toes. There’s a good chance we’re stretching out the wrong way or for the wrong reasons. It’s time to debunk the biggest stretching myths, so we can bend, flex, and stretch— the right way. Continue reading The 12 Biggest Myths About Stretching