Endomondo Delivers Dedicated Pebble App

New Pebble smartwatch app works with Endomondo Sports Tracker for iPhone, with support for Android to be added soon

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – July 2, 2014 – “When will Endomondo sync with Pebble?” That question has been posed frequently by passionate users at Endomondo’s blog. In response, Endomondo today announces the release of a dedicated Pebble smartwatch app for Endomondo Sports Tracker on iPhone.

This new, free app from Endomondo allows users to start, pause or stop a workout while exercising. The app can also display up to three configurable data metrics, such as distance traveled, heart rate and workout duration – making it the most advanced fitness tracking app for Pebble. Additionally, the Endomondo app vibrates Pebble smartwatches for each mile or kilometer completed, and will briefly display a performance summary for the distance. Continue reading Endomondo Delivers Dedicated Pebble App

Merging our PRO and free app into one on iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-03-14 at 08.34.17

Starting this week, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free app on iPhone into one. We want to underline that we are not taking away any features from PRO users and the PRO app will still be functional.

If you are a PRO user on iPhone, we kindly ask you to download our free app and use that in the future. When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads. Also, your historical data is stored on our servers and will be available to you in the free app once you log in. We recommend you verify that your data is available in the free app before deleting the PRO app from your phone.

We’ll grant all iPhone PRO users who transitions to the free iPhone app one month free Premium for the trouble – the free month will start automatically once you log in to the free app and you do not need to provide any payment data.

Thank you so much for your support.

Update to Endomondo Terms of Service

We plan to make some changes to our Terms and Conditions that we would like to share with you. The changes serve two main purposes: Providing transparency around the terms of use and privacy of your data and ensuring that we can continuously develop our company and product offering.

We would like to add a few words to the primary changes:

– Webshop: We’ve removed a section in our Terms about the Endomondo store since we no longer operate our own webshop.

– Gift codes: We’ve added a section about gift codes to Endomondo Premium since this is a new concept that was not mentioned in the previous version of our terms. Please see section 9 in the updated Terms for details.

– Employee Fitness: We’ve added a section about Employee Fitness since this is a new concept that was not mentioned in the previous version. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

– Advertisers: We’ve specified what data advertisers can request about non-Premium users when targeting ads and this data may include age, gender, sports interests and location data. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

– Privacy settings: We’ve changed the default setting of heart rate data to Private for new users and made it more clear what the default privacy settings are for your data in general. Please see the new Privacy Policy for details.

– Cookie policy: There will be no changes to our cookie policy.

We invite you take a few minutes to read the updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy to make sure you’re still comfortable using Endomondo.

The current Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are available on our website.

The changes will take effect February 26, 2014.

Nothing is more important to us than your trust and support so we welcome any questions or feedback at terms@endomondo.com.

UPDATE Feb 26th, 2014: The documents have now been updated and the current Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy are available on our website.

Introducing Pages on Endomondo

We’re always looking for new ways to inspire you and your training. This time, we reached beyond our team to pull great sources of inspiration closer to you. Meet our newest addition: Pages.

Pages are new social hubs on Endomondo, which are run independently by brands, athletes or other interest groups, who are excited to engage with you. You can follow them by LIKING them and they will spark up your workouts, challenge you and keep you motivated.

We’ve found some sports oriented brands to kick this off with. Among others, we’d like to mention our friends at Powerade who have chosen to inspire athletes and footballers around the world, by teaming up with Andrés Iniesta and six amateur athletes for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Go like the Powerade page to follow them and the exciting challenges they will be hosting throughout spring, with a chance to win a number of prizes, including tickets to experience the FIFA World Cup™ Tournament live in Brazil!

Check out the pages below and let us know what other brands you would like to engage with in the comments.




New Website Feature: Copy a Friend’s Workout


We expanded the feature we have introduced 2 months ago – tagging friends you’ve done a workout with. It is now possible to copy a workout of your friends, which has been one of the most requested features by Endomondo users.
If your friend tagged you in a workout, you can just copy the workout and it will show up among your workouts.
You can also copy a workout if you haven’t been tagged. Just access your friend’s workout, press “request a copy” and wait until your friend approves this request.
There are certain information which will not appear in a copied workout. Heart rate data, pictures, notes and status message will never be included. Other information like duration and speed will be visible only if privacy settings allow it.
We hope that we just gave you another good reason to exercise with your friends. Have fun and let us know how you like this feature!

Get the Full Endomondo Experience with Premium – Now Also in the App

As you may know, we introduced Endomondo Premium in November last year, which includes additional motivating features online like Weather Information, Workout Comparison and Heart Rate Zones. We now offer two of these features, Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, in our app for iPhone – and next week it will be available on Android as well. Going forward Premium membership will give access to all the website features – including the Pro app as part of the full package. See the list of Premium features below:
Premium membership is a subscription service. You can go with an Annual membership for $19.99 or with a Monthly membership for $2.99. If you have already bought the Pro app, you will get the Annual membership for $15 for the first year. Go to our Premium page for more info.

More about vers. 8.0.0 for iPhone
Besides Heart Rate Zones and Weather Information, our newest iPhone release offers the following new features:

Notifications when friends comment on and like your workouts
You’ll see a push notification in the Notification Center on the phone, and in the app a small envelope will appear in the top right corner on the workout screen. The number will indicate that one or more liked or commented on your workouts.

New tab with likes, peptalks & comments
Another feature which should make social interaction easier is that workout summary now includes new tab with likes, peptalks & comments.

8 new sports: circuit training, climbing, treadmill running, treadmill walking, skateboarding, surfing, snowshoeing & wheelchair
You may have noticed that we added these sports to the website a few weeks ago and with the latest release you can enjoy using them directly in the app as well.

Total duration/distance/calories for days with multiple workouts
A lot of our users are very active and there are days when you do more than one workout. That’s why we included total duration/distance/calories in a workout history for days with multiple workouts. Toggle between the stats by pressing the number.

If you are using our Endomondo app for BlackBerry, read more here.

Monday, Sweaty Monday?

Robert - sweaty mondayWe asked our users, what’s your favorite Monday workout to fire up a new week? The results of our little survey show that many like to start a week with a solid run, just like our colleague Robert, who is gracing the picture after an 8K run – no fake sweat was added. According to the answers we got, run can come in many diverse forms:
Helin: A good run to blow away either the cobwebs or my stresses
Matt: Usually run a 5 K try to beat my time from the previous week
Steffen: It’s Half-Marathon-Monday… :>
Carlos: An airplane run… From 1A to 36E
Jacob: Relay race to the coffee brewer…

Some users take a day off from exercising instead of pushing it and indulge on food and drinks:
Matthew: 6 miles and beer!
Claudio: Steak and fries.
Michael: Opening a bottle of chokolate milk…. glurk glurk glurkkk… arrhhh

These guys are all for mixing it up, which is a great way how to prevent boredom:
Andrew: 10mile bike ride followed by a 2mile run. Laying down the foundations for my first ever triathlon later in the year.
Krzysiek : Right leg out of the bed, then back because it’s too cold outside. Lie down quietly for 5 minutes, then turn on your belly and put your left leg out of the bed. Decide if it’s got warmer, then proceed accordingly. If both legs are successfully out of the bed, try to apply the routine to your upper body.
Henrik: 2 K swimming, sauna, shave, relax

Getting fresh air and some exercise while fighting the weather is in our opinion a win-win situation:
Melissa: Today wasn’t my favorite, but I got plenty of exercise shoveling snow.

And what is your favorite way to start a new week?

Routes Got a Facelift

Skærmbillede 2015-10-22 kl. 10.22.48

Those of you using our Routes feature on a regular basis know that it hasn’t always been a walk in the park to search for a route or draw a new one.
Well, the long-awaited makeover of the Routes page is here and we’re making it easier for you to indulge your inner explorer. Everybody knows recommendations from locals are priceless when it comes to travelling and discovering new places, so let Routes guide you to the best outdoor spots for working out all around the world.
We encourage you to go to the Routes page and play around with the new functionality, but first, read through our short guide below on the new features and updated look.

Continue reading Routes Got a Facelift