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Introducing Premium on Windows Phone


We’re thrilled to announce that the third major Windows Phone app update in seven months has been released!

Our app for Windows Phone now offers Premium features – customizable training plans and audio coach settings, low power mode, ad free experience and more. If you already are a Premium user, all you need to do to get these features for your Windows Phone app is to upgrade to the latest version. There are also a bunch of new, highly-requested free features included in this release!

Premium features:

Training plans
You can now create a training plan right in the app. When the Endomondo app is launched, you will see the planned workout for that particular day. In the main app menu, you’ll find the Training Plan tab, where you can see all the past and future workouts within your training plan.
As we work with diverse interval trainings to enhance variety and intensity of the training plan, the audio coach will guide you through the workout, by informing you when each interval starts and how fast to go. Notifications are being sent to you when you have a planned workout. These can of course be disabled.

Audio coach customization – Lap feedback
All Premium users on Windows Phone can now customize the audio coach based on time or distance intervals and choose what parameters to get feedback on. You can choose whether the Audio Coach should be time-based (e.g. every 3 minutes) or distance-based (e.g. every 500 m). Distance can be set from 100 m and time can be set from 15 sec. You can also specify what you want to hear specifically, toggling on/off the following options: Total distance, Total duration, Lap distance/duration, Calories, Lap speed, Lap pace, Avg. speed, Avg. pace, Heart rate, Avg. heart rate, Goal and Goal reached. You can also opt for getting an indication when you’re in the middle of interval.

Low power mode
Low Power mode significantly decreases the upload frequency of workout data to the server during tracking but has no influence on GPS accuracy.

Calorie and duration goal
Define a calorie or duration goal for your workout and let the audio coach guide you along the way.


Free features:

Audio coach customization – New languages
You can choose from 6 different languages: English, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish. You need to install the language first and there are a few accent options for some languages.

We added a notification inbox where you can view notifications of likes and comments and accept/reject friend and challenge invites
– Live Tile notification
Front side shows our logo and number of notifications and the latest notification is displayed on the backside.
– ‘Toast’ notifications, in WP 8.1 – integration with notification center

Tag ‘Friends’ on workouts
If you have been working out with your friends, you tag them afterwards. When you press stop on your workout, you’ll go to social screen where your can just press friend icon and choose from your friends. The app will even suggest friends for you to tag.

Privacy settings
You don’t need to go to our website anymore to control your privacy settings.

Full (almost) profile editing
You can edit your profile right in the app besides changing the password and adding emails.

Goal dashboard field (free feature if using distance goal)
Data field showing count down to remaining goal / interval

We hope you’ll enjoy freeing your endorphins with this new release.

Health Integration and Interactive Notifications on Latest App for iOS 8

Interactive notifications

Apple is on board with fitness, and we couldn’t be more excited! With the iOS 8, Apple has made major strides into the active lifestyle field by developing an all-inclusive Health app that lets users easily access data from their favorite health and fitness apps in one place. We’re always aiming to give our users the best experience possible, so we’ve been hard at work developing the latest Endomondo iOS 8 iPhone app update, ensuring that it would connect to Apple’s Health app.

We’ve made it easy to connect the Endomondo Sports Tracker to the Health app: all you have to do is go to the “Connect and Share” setting, and just press “Connect with Health.” After you connect your Endomondo account with the Health app, your calories burned and workout distance for all future workouts will be saved automatically to the Health app. You can specify what data to save to Health by giving permission to export:

  • Active calories
  • Cycling distance (cycling transport, sport, mountain biking, indoor cycling)
  • Walking distance (fitness walking, treadmill walking)
  • Running distance (treadmill running, orienteering)

Endomondo will be listed as source for the data, and you can edit the permissions anytime in your Health app. Read more

The New and Faster Garmin Integration Is Now Available!


At Endomondo, we strive to make it as easy as possible for you to track, review and share your workouts. Lately, we’ve been working on helping our users make the most of their wearables with smooth integrations, and for a while now, we’ve been wanting to give our Garmin users a more seamless experience when sharing their workouts on Endomondo. We’re happy to share with you that our new and faster Garmin integration is now live!

From now on, Garmin users can view their workout on Endomondo mere seconds after the workout is uploaded to Garmin Connect.

Good news for triathletes
With the new Garmin integration, we’ve added support for Multisport workouts. These are now also being imported, and transitions between the disciplines will be recorded by Endomondo.

How to get started
Make sure that you have your Garmin device linked via Garmin Express™, Garmin Connect Mobile™ or Wi-Fi to your account on Garmin Connect. Go to and hit the connect button. You will now be redirected to the Garmin Connect website to confirm the connection.

And that’s it! All your future Garmin Connect workouts will automatically be synchronized to Endomondo. To avoid duplicate workouts, you will only be able to synchronize new workouts, not historical workouts. If you have a long history of workouts you want to import to your Endomondo profile, please use our integration.

You might be asking yourself “what about the old Garmin integration – will I still be able upload directly to with the old communicator plugin?” The answer is: yes, both the “Import from Garmin” and the “Import from file” option will remain available on

Some of you have asked us if data like power output (watts) on the bike and number of strokes in the pool will also be visible on Endomondo with the new integration. This data is provided by Garmin, but unfortunately we are not able to display this all, yet. We will hopefully be able to display more data like power output and swimming strokes in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the functionality or setup of the new Garmin synchronization please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our support team is here to help you –

Enjoy your new Garmin integration and go free your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

Introducing Endomondo Life – An All-Day Activity Tracker App for iPhone 5s

Ever feel like you’re not getting full credit for physical activities during your normal day? Time spent cleaning up around the home, walking to and from a favorite restaurant during lunch break or chasing toddlers around; shouldn’t all that count toward your fitness goals?   Starting today, Endos using the iPhone 5s can record such regular daily activities thanks to the entirely brand new (and free!) Endomondo Life app.

Keeping track of how active you are has never been easier. Simply download the Endomondo Life app and be sure to have your iPhone 5s with you wherever you go – which you do anyway, right? :-)

This completely new app from Endomondo utilizes the Apple M7 motion coprocessor, which collects and keeps all motion data on the device throughout the day, all while using minimal battery power. After you download Endomondo Life from the App Store, you can choose to use the app without logging in. If you opt for ‘anonymous’ usage, we will set an average weight (75,8kg) and height (175cm) so you’ll still get calorie data. However, we suggest you adjust these values to get more precise data. If you already have a profile at Endomondo and login with the same email address, Endomondo Life will automatically pull height and weight data from your Endomondo profile.


The app records how many steps you take and calculates the approximate distance walked and calories burned in 24 hours. Unlike using the step counter within our Endomondo app, you don’t need to start/stop the Endomondo Life app to track your steps. In fact, you don’t even have to open the app every day – it will automatically retrieve data from the previous seven days (unless you disable this option). Based on the last seven days’ activity history, the app sets an individual step goal as default. You can always change it but, to give you a little push from being a couch potato, the goal should be at least 2500 steps per day.

There are two screenshots below that illustrate the graphical weekly overview of your daily steps and cumulative calories burned, which you will be able to view in the app. There are a few other interesting stats as well, such as % goal completion. And to keep up your motivation, Endomondo Life notifies you when you reach your step goal.

So give it a shot, try it out and free your endorphins along the way – we’re looking forward to your feedback!

The Endomondo Team

Get Ready for Gear 2! Support for Samsung Gear 2 is Now Available.



After we announced Samsung Gear Fit integration, we got a LOT of questions regarding when we would release Gear 2 support. Well, have no fear, Gear 2 support is here! We’ve just finished working out the kinks and are happy to reveal that the integration is operating smoothly.

The update includes support for Samsung Gear 2 Neo as well. For a list of supported devices, scroll down here.

Samsung Gear 2 lets you start, pause or stop a workout while your Endomondo app is running in the background. You can swipe between three page displays and each of them can show up to three different stats, such as heart rate, distance, speed or workout duration. To change our default settings and configure which stats you would like to see, access Smartwatches in your Endomondo app settings (as long as you have updated your app to version 10.3.1).

Unlike Gear Fit, which doesn’t feature heart rate monitoring, Gear 2 can both measure your heart rate and then show this data in your Endomondo app and on your Gear 2 display. The sensor, located on the backside of the watch, sends the heart rate data to the Endomondo app, but this can be disabled (from version 10.3.1 and up) if you prefer to use a heart rate strap instead.

How to make it work:
To make Endomondo app “talk ” with your Samsung Gear 2, you need to download Gear Manager app, access Samsung Gear Apps and install the Endomondo Sports Tracker for Gear 2 app. We could only link this app to one Android app, which means that our PRO users must use our Free app when using Gear 2!

Want to snap some pics of your workout? Gear 2 has got you covered. Samsung Gear 2 has a camera (though Gear 2 Neo does not), so you can take pictures while exercising and add them afterwards to your workout on your phone. To do this, you need to do it in the Endomondo app after the workout is completed.

We hope you enjoy tracking with your new Gear and Endomondo!

The Endomondo Team

Our Android App Is Getting in GEAR – the Latest Update Adds Samsung Gear Fit Integration!


Samsung has some pretty cool Gear, and we couldn’t wait to launch an update featuring this integration. After all the development has been completed, we’re excited to announce that Gear Fit support is now available for users of Samsung Smartphones! For a list of supported devices, scroll down here.

Samsung Gear Fit lets you start, pause or stop a workout while your Endomondo app is running in the background. You can swipe between three page displays and each of them can show up to three different stats, such as distance, speed or workout duration. To change our default settings and configure which stats you would like to see, access Smartwatches in your Endomondo app settings. There, you can also choose if you prefer a light or dark background for your stats.

How to make it work:
When using a Samsung Gear Fit, you just need to download Gear Fit Manager app to your phone and pair it with the device. Then, you download the latest version of our Endomondo Android app or update your current version to 10.3.0 and it will automatically get recognized in your Gear Fit – when you tap on “App Connect” on the Gear Fit, you should see Endomondo among the options.

Many of you have been asking about plans for integration with Samsung Gear 2. Well, it’s coming up in one of the next releases, so stay tuned!

We hope you enjoy getting fit with Gear Fit and Endomondo! Happy tracking and have fun freeing your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

Enrich Your Tweets With New Endomondo Workout Posts

If you’re part of the Twitterverse, you might be sharing your Endomondo workouts on Twitter. And, if you are auto-posting these workouts, then you might have noticed that the posts now include more than just a simple line of text.

Starting this week, we introduced Twitter Cards as a part of Endomondo workout posts, so you can give your followers a more exciting overview of your workouts!

When you share your workouts on Twitter, your posts will now show your map, status message and pictures – as long as you’ve added them after your workout and if your privacy settings allow it.

Take a look at the screenshot of the new Twitter workout post:

Tweet card

In your “Connect” settings at, you can choose to auto-post new workouts to Twitter. The workout will be posted to Twitter 5 minutes after you’re done, so make sure you add a status message and pictures within those 5 minutes to have them included in the Twitter post.

FYI, we don’t share maps, pictures or a status message if your privacy settings aren’t set to “Public”, so remember to adjust your settings accordingly. The map won’t be shown if the workout is indoor based or if you add one picture.

Update for our BlackBerry 10 Users

If you have a BB10 phone, you may have noticed that the latest version of Endomondo for BB10 is not on par with the quality we generally deliver.

The main issue that users are reporting is GPS-related: either it takes a long time for the app to find the GPS, or it tracks but it doesn’t indicate it, or the signal simply doesn’t kick in. Taking in all your feedback, we’ve been bug-hunting like crazy and we think we’ve tracked down the issue, which is caused by certain chipsets. We are running some tests with different BlackBerry phones that have the right chipset, and we hope to have this issue resolved ASAP. Read more

iPhone App Update Is Out Now – Featuring Pebble Integration!

Sometimes, being fashionably late is a good thing. Especially when it means polishing yourself up a little bit more. Pebble smartwatch users have been clamoring for an Endomondo integration, that would give them all the benefits of our app while using their Pebble and leaving their phone in their pocket. With our latest iOS update, we’ve now added Pebble integration. Endomondo’s app for Pebble syncs with iPhone 4S and all iPhone 5 models. Download Endomondo’s Pebble app from the Pebble appstore and try it now.

We made a short video to show you the integration in action. Check it out:

Getting started:
To sync Endomondo data between a Pebble device and your iPhone, simply go to ‘Settings’ in the Endomondo app to connect with a Pebble device. Make sure that you have the most recent Endomondo iPhone app version (9.2.0).

Control within your reach: Endomondo’s app for Pebble lets you start, pause or stop a workout while exercising. No need to reach for your phone – control the app directly from your Smartwatch! The app can also display up to three different stats, such as distance traveled, heart rate or workout duration.

Feel the vibe: the Endomondo app gives vibrating alerts on the Pebble at each mile or kilometer you’ve covered, and will briefly display a performance summary for the distance. We’ll extend this feedback for each lap within a few months.

Our Android users should be on the lookout for Pebble support later this year. We’re on it, so keep checking back!

Aside from Pebble Integration, we’ve worked on amping up some iOS app features:

Improved voice for audio feedback
We’ve improved the quality of audio feedback – the audio coach has a smoother, more natural voice thanks to the fact that we switched to iOS built-in speech synthesis. Audio coach is now available in English and Danish, and we plan on adding more languages in upcoming releases.

Workout maps included in the news feed
The News feed has become more vibrant – workout maps for most distance-based workouts have been added, so you can see where your friends were working out right in the news feed.

Full-screen photo slider
Yet another feature to make your news feed even more vivid is that you can now view pictures your friends have attached to their workouts in full-screen. If there’s more than one picture, you can simply swipe between them.

Improved GPS status indicator
We changed the way the GPS status indicator works so that it reacts much faster. So, if you get a GPS fix, it will take much less time to reflect that by turning the GPS status indicator from red to green. Additionally, the indicator is now more reliable – it only turns green if you have a good fix.

We hope you enjoy the latest iOS app features and Pebble integration.

Have fun freeing your endorphins!

The Endomondo Team

Windows Phone Users, We Have Some News To Get Your Pulse Up: Heart Rate Support Now Available

Windows Phone users, rejoice! Following the relaunch of our Windows Phone 8 app in April, we’ve been working on a second update to give our Windows Phone users better features and functionality. We received lots of great feedback and we hope you’ll like the new version

This latest update includes a series of improvements aimed at delivering smoother performance as well as many sought-after features:

· Heart rate monitoring – we now support Bluetooth low energy heart rate belts, so you can get your heart rate data directly in the history, and check your performance throughout your workouts. Works with Zephyr HxM BT on Windows Phone 8 and with all BTLE heart rate monitors on Windows Phone 8.1. Please note that Windows Phone 8.1 is available only on Nokia Lumia 630 and 930 at the moment. If you downloaded the Windows Phone 8.1 developer preview on other Windows Phone device, BTLE heart rate monitors will not be supported – you need to wait for the official Windows Phone 8.1 release.

· Calorie calculations – you now get even more detailed calorie data for all your workouts to help you keep track of your fitness goals.

· More settings – you can now personalize your app more by adding your weight, height, age and gender in the settings menu.

· More social features – we’ve enhanced the news feed on WP8, so you can like, comment, send pep talks, view photos, see the mini map, and even open friends’ workouts.

· Add pictures – you can now attach pictures to your workouts.

· Bug fixes – we’ve addressed some bugs including the auto-pause crash and manual workout sport selection issues.

We hope this update helps you get moving and we will continue towork on adding even more great features for WP8 in future releases. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Have fun freeing your endorphins!


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