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Fun at the Color Run!

Last Sunday, Odense hosted a Color Run. You’ve probably heard of them (or even attended one), but if not, a Color Run is basically a fun 5k run where you start off wearing white, and get blasted with colorful cornstarch powder every time you run through a color station. We had our own run to go to that day in Copenhagen, so we were feeling a little blue that we couldn’t make it. Luckily, a few of our friends were able to go, so they captured some beautiful shots and shared their awesome experience with us! Read more

Highlights from our first live event!

DSC_3208 copy
There was an idea floating around the office for some time now about getting together to go for a run with our community, to take social fitness even further. Sure, we go out running all the time with our colleagues and friends, but never with our users. You might be thinking “A running event? Those happen all the time, so what’s the big deal?” But for us, this one was special because we’ve always wanted an opportunity to meet the people that matter most to us: our users!

DSC_3194 copy

Getting ready for the run

We finally got our chance by hosting our first-ever “EndoMeet” event this past Sunday, and we are happy to say that, despite a rainy forecast that had us worried, it was a success! We went for a great run, enjoyed sunny Copenhagen skies, and got to meet many of our fabulous local users. We set up our meeting point next to the gorgeous Lake Pavilion (Søpavillonen), split up into our pace groups and got ready to start at 3pm. Our special guest, Henrik Them joined us for the full 6.3k run around the Søerne (the Lakes).

DSC_3196 copy

Henrik Them and runners from the 4:30 pace group

He ran on the 4:30 pace group along with a few of the other intrepid runners. Henrik is one of Denmark’s fastest athletes, so it was a tall order to keep up with him! We managed to catch up with the group to snap a quick pic:

DSC_3136 copy

the elite runners

We also had a 5:00 pace group, a 6:00/5k group, and a walking group too:

DSC_3151 copy

we like this run!

DSC_3099 copy

keeping a great pace

DSC_3160 copy

the stroll around the Lakes

Two of our lucky users won their own official Endomondo t-shirts, and a few participants won Premium subscriptions!

DSC_3214 copy

and the winners are…

All in all, it was a perfect way to spend our Sunday, and we can’t wait for the next one! Thank you to all of you who joined us!

If you’re reading this and thinking: “I want to go to an Endomondo event in my area”, please let us know! Drop us a line at, and let’s make it happen.

Free your endorphins!
The Endomondo Team

Danish Design Award 2012

Endomondo Digital Design Award 2012

We received an award from Danish Design for the category of Digital Design! Read more

Start Your Pedals, America

Riding the bike to work is great way to get around and free some endorphins at the same time. Millions of Europeans are doing it every day. Now it’s time for Americans to get up and ride!

We’re proud to announce the 2012 Get Up & Ride National Bike Challenge. Endomondo is partnering with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Bikes Belong and the League of American Bicyclists to present the National Bike Challenge – a new nationwide program in the US that will encourage people to bike for transportation and recreation. The challenge will run from May 1 to August 31 and aims to inspire millions of Americans to ride their bikes for transportation, recreation and better health. Read more

The Europas Awards… We Won, Thanks!

We are happy to announce that Endomondo has won the Europas 2011 award for “Best Sport, Leisure or Health Startup!” We find this especially rewarding because the award is not only a show of recognition from the panel of 22 expert judges associated with the annual European Tech Startup Awards, but also a show of support from you, the Endomondo community, whose votes helped us seal the victory. Read more

The Europas Awards

We are thrilled to have been nominated in the “Best Sport, Leisure or Health Startup” category at The Europas Awards!  Read more


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