Victoria’s Story: 1 Year and 7 Lessons That Changed Her Life

19921_939943206072994_2077034125084302287_nLife doesn’t always go as you plan it, and a lot of times, it will throw you a curve ball which can push you off track – or make you change for the better. One of our members, Victoria, was faced with a major setback to her health that could have made her veer away from a fit lifestyle, but instead, forged an incredible new path to success which she’s been on for the past year. Her story is about overcoming odds and creating the reality you want for yourself instead of letting your circumstances define you. One year and seven lessons have made all the difference in her life, and they could do the same for you and your fitness goals. Here is her story. Continue reading Victoria’s Story: 1 Year and 7 Lessons That Changed Her Life

Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

Photo credit: Melissa L.

Last week, we asked you to share your spookiest fitness story with us, and we received quite a few entries that have made more than one of us think twice about running on that dark trail and pack some more lights when we head out. Though picking a winner from the bunch was a challenge, we decided that this story by our user Dan Asquith, which we’ve dubbed “A Thrash in the Night”, was the one that gave us the most goosebumps. Here is his tale of an unusually eerie run: Continue reading Best 2015 Fitness “Horror” Story

What’s Your Best Halloween-Themed Fitness Story?


Let’s face it. At some point in the pursuit of our fitness goals, most of us have had at least one less-than-memorable experience. Maybe it was that time you spontaneously signed up for a race when you hadn’t run in weeks that made you walk funny for days. Or maybe it was that night you witnessed a zombie tarantula come back from the dead while riding your bike home. It might even have been that time you ran past your doppelganger while on your morning jog. Even if that experience didn’t seem all that amazing when it happened, a story is usually better in retrospect. And with Halloween right around the corner, we think it’s a perfect time to share those weird fitness stories.

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This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

How do you find the motivation to get active after life takes you off track? Well, for one of our users, the answer came from thanks to some encouragement from a true friend, the allure of stats, and power of setting a goal. JoAnne found herself back in her zone after years of leaving her love of competition behind to focus on raising a family. If you can relate or could use some inspiration to stay motivated, then read on to see how she reignited her passion and is now on her way to tackle new challenges. Continue reading This Is How JoAnne Regained Her Motivation

The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner

Getting fit is a reward in itself. Still, when you’re already doing something good for yourself,  it doesn’t hurt to sweeten the pot by having a little extra incentive, like getting an amazing prize for your efforts. A sponsor of one of our featured challenges, Spies (a Danish travel agency), sent one lucky winner on a 1-week training camp in sunny Numa Beach in Alanya, Turkey. We caught up with Michelle after she came back from her trip and asked her to fill us in on what it was like to win the challenge and share her experience in Turkey. Continue reading The Perks of Being a Challenge Winner

Who Is the Coolest Person on Endomondo?

With over 22 million Endomondo members freeing their endorphins all over the world, there were bound to be plenty of cool people. So, how would you figure out who among them is the coolest? Well, one intrepid user decided to challenge them all to settle this with her community challenge. Her name is Haajar (aka the “Endo Fairy”), and not only is she a very cool Endomondo user, she is the creator of the “Coolest Person on Endomondo” challenge, among others. We wanted to know more about what it takes to win eternal coolness (since, honestly, who wouldn’t want to brag about that?) so we asked her. If you want to know the answer to this too, read on! Continue reading Who Is the Coolest Person on Endomondo?

Steven, a Father Running for a Noble Goal

As a new parent, there’s probably nothing more alarming than having your child become sick and not being able to figure out why. Early this year, one of our users and proud parent, Steven, experienced just that. Without warning, Steven’s 10-week-old daughter Jasmine started having cold-like symptoms. He and his partner Tanja rushed her to their local hospital where she stayed overnight with what seemed to be a severe cold. Worried something more serious was going on, Steven started researching his daughter’s symptoms and decided to seek a second opinion.

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Running For Change: 312,000 Small Steps To Change 100 Lives

KieranGuest post by Kieran Alger

Thousands of runners across the planet are right now putting in the final preparations for the upcoming series of Spring marathons. From London to Boston, via Barcelona and Copenhagen, the Endomondo training miles are being logged, kit is being sorted and personal goals are being set. I’m one of those runners but I’m preparing for a marathon challenge with a difference. In less than two weeks I will attempt to run eight marathons in 20 days on three continents.

Starting on 5 April, I’ll tackle the brutal Sahara Desert Ultra, the Marathon des Sables. More than 156 miles, carrying up to 8.5kg, in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius up and down sand dune mountains. If I survive that I then fly to America for the Boston Marathon before finally coming back to the UK for the Virgin Money London Marathon, where I’ll finish my challenge on the Mall in front of my friends and family.

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Our Inspired Poetic Members Show Their Skills


Last week, we asked you to connect with your inner poet and share your best fitness-themed poems. We received quite a few great ones, which made us realize just how multifaceted our users really are! Though it was tough to choose just three fitness poet laureates from the bunch, we decided that the following three poems deserved the honor of “Best Fitness Poems” for our World Poetry Day competition this year.

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Endomondo Joins Under Armour; Continues Operating as Endomondo

Mette Lykke
Photo credit: Les Kaner

Today, we have some really exciting news that we’re thrilled to share with you. After years of working towards making Endomondo a connected network where fitness is a fun, social and engaging experience, we will now form part of an even greater team to take that experience further. Our team will now be powered by Under Armour, the originator of performance apparel and a global brand that remains at the forefront of sports performance innovation. We’re going to continue to develop Endomondo under our current brand and our team couldn’t be more excited about the new opportunities that lie ahead, for us and for our users. Continue reading Endomondo Joins Under Armour; Continues Operating as Endomondo