Meet the new Endomondo for Windows Phone 8

We’re happy to share with you that our new Windows Phone 8 app is now live and available in the Windows Store. Update to version today and enjoy a much nicer and more stable experience.

As previously noted, the main purpose of this release is to get the app up to date so that we have a solid foundation to build new features and a killer app on.

We want to thank the more than 1500 users who signed up to beta test the app. We appreciate your help and welcome any additional feedback.

Here’s a rundown of the main improvements.

Design overhaul and new navigation
The first thing you’ll notice is that the app got a major makeover. It’s now much more Windows Phone and much more 2014 and the usability has improved a lot.

The app still starts at the workout tracker screen but if you slide to the side, you’ll find the new main navigation with easy access to your News Feed, History, Friends, Map and Settings.


History sync
The history in the app now syncs with which means that any workouts done with other devices like Garmin or our app on another phone, are now also visible in the app on Windows Phone.


Text-to-speech and map updates
We’ve improved the audio coach a lot and updated all maps to use Windows Phone 8 maps.


Facebook single sign-on and sharing
You can now log in easily with Facebook and you can share your workouts on Facebook directly from the app.

Refreshed login flow with intro guide and various bug fixes
In addition to this, we’ve given the login flow an overhaul too and a number of bugs have been fixed.

We hope you’ll take the new app for a spin. Any feedback is welcome at or in the comments.

Have fun freeing your endorphins!

84 thoughts on “Meet the new Endomondo for Windows Phone 8

    1. I can kind of understand where you’re coming from on this one Neno. I often have to travel and will frequently look at any existing routes that might exist. I tend to commit them to memory or even print them. I don’t like to have to rely on my phone to guide me in case it distracts me from concentrating on road safety. Also, we are blessed with a lot of rain in the UK so I have to keep my phone dry. I do 100% believe that the Endomondo app is the best app available in the Windows store and is far superior to the same app on iPhone in all but one aspect. I really wish it wouldn’t tell me that my workout has resumed all the time!

    1. Hi Jan,
      Thanks for your query. Unfortunately we do not have plans to develop the “Follow Route” feature on WP. Apologies for the inconvenience it may cause.
      I hope you will be able to enjoy Endomondo anyway and please let us know if you have further questions.

      1. So, Endomondo don´t have plans to be cycletourists friend. Sad.
        I love to make cycle trips, but usually i go to very distant places that i don’t know the way, and it got a bit messy. When i go to another app to see if the route is right, endomondo stops recording and only resume when i get back to it’s screen.
        It would be great if we have on wp the same “follow route” that we have on the others platforms (ios and android), so we can travel and keep track of our activities with no interferences.


      2. I am also VERY disappointed that routes will not be implemented for WP devices. The case is the same for me like for Julianno.

  1. i use this fantastic app a for a few days, and i’ve got a problem with it.
    if i use audio coach on, run under lock screen on, and i start to run, press off lock button, the app stops running.
    i don’t know how to set to press off the screen and the app works with audio coach.
    what is the solve?

    i use windows phone 630 DS with windows 8.1

    thank you!!!

      1. thanx daniela,
        meanwhile i managad to solve the problem, i’d to allow to run endomondo apps in the background mode, now the app works properly.
        yesterday morning i run with it first, and tomorrow morning i run again

    1. Yes, it works pretty well. I only wish you could stop it saying “workout paused” and “workout resumed”. It keeps doing this when stationary and, annoyingly, when pace dips down on steep hill climbs when cycling.

  2. Est il possible d’avoir un coach en Français sous WP 8.1
    Est il possible d’avoir un sport en plus le ( TRIKKE ).
    Merci a vous

    Is it possible to have a coach in French in WP 8.1
    Is it possible to have a sport and more (TRIKKE).
    Thank you to you

  3. Helol! I used Endomondo with android phone and i was logging in with my facebook account. But now I got my new windows phone, I downloaded Endomondo and the aplication want to create a new account, there’s no option to log in with my previous account via facebook. I really want my old account and I dont want to create a new one. Please, tell me how i can log in with windows phone via facebook. Thanks!

  4. Is there any way to disable to viewing of the map when I post my workouts to facebook? I do not like the displaying of where I am. I went to settings and was not able to find a disable map without Endomondo being able to track my workouts. Thanks!
    Lisa S.

  5. Dlaczego po każdym przebytym km nie daje mi głosowej inf. o czasie w jakim je przebyłem? Czy to wina ustawień? wcześniej ta opcja była

  6. Just got my new Nokia 930Windows phone. Great phone! First app to download was endomondo, but where is the Premium version?

  7. What about routes and more audio feedbacks like they have on Iphone and Android? I became Premium member yesterday, and the app still missed a lot of Things. Very disappointed…

  8. Hi, I would like to see more ‘categories’ in addition to runninng, cycling etc. In particular I would like to see mountain walking as a category, and also to have statistics for elevation.

  9. Please please please can you stop it telling me that my workout has paused and my workout has resumed. Every time I go through a bunch of trees this keeps happening or when I’m waiting to start the parkrun. It also happens when I’m going slowly up a hill climb on my bike and my phone thinks I’ve stopped. It is demoralising at best. I don’t need my phone to tell me this. Please will you stop this feature or at least give me the ability to disable it.

  10. I can’t start audio coach using this new version of Endomondo for Windows Phone. Does anybody can help me?

  11. Endomondo team.
    Please answer back on that quistion about heart monitor, I also missing this option for my Polar belt.

  12. Thanks for really great update! But the heart rate monitor support is still missing, hope it will come soon.

  13. I quit endomondo a while back. I used the previous version of the app for WP and it was awful. Too little functions, awful audio coach and just a feeling of “we don’t believe in windows phone so you are screwed for using it”.
    I got so disappointed I even stopped going to the website. It was hard to stop,seeing my “friends” and receive their support.
    I started,to use Runtastic and I really appreciated the app. It had important features to me as interval and the possibility to control the amount and frequency of feedback u get while running. Their website is not ever near endomondo level, but the app is great.
    This update to wp8 was a nice surprise. The app looks cool and it has interesting feature I am eager to try. Specially the beat a friend one. I can imagine that will make me run a hard run every week. 😊
    There are still a few key features missing. Interval, frequency of feedback and guys… Get some Bluetooth hr support also. To be honest… How did u miss it?
    But anyway, all this to thank you guys for this updated. I hope you keep ur promises of adding new features. I will give endomondo a new chance. Thank you guys and keep up the good work.

    ps- another thing I noticed was the “people out now” feature is gone. Why is that? I could use that feature at work.

  14. Lovely, but history entry no longer works for squash or racket ball. It bounces closed as soon as you select either sport.

  15. I am using V9.0.0.2 in Nokia Lumia 720. But I still find a big problem, hope it can be solved.
    I approved to background running, but I take a photo (using Nokia Camera(V4.5.1.7) APP), then the Endomondo APP is stopped immediately. I need to restart a new track.

  16. I really like the new design – very crisp and clean – … as a person who tends not to wear my prescription glasses when I work though, It would be really nice if the icon for the type of exercise (and maybe the gps status too) were a little bit larger. Also, I don’t seem to be able to manually add an exercise on my WP8.1 device – the add function crashes when I attempt to add a new exercise (without tracking it). Hopefully that will be resolved soon. Once the WP8 of this app has heart rate monitor support, it will be pretty much perfect!

  17. Can you provide an approximate timeline for when which features will be available, or maybe a list that shows what you prioritize most?
    Do you have an approximate update cyclus, so we know when your counting on to release the next updates, will it be weeks or months or?

  18. Hi Development Team,

    i come from Runtastic and installed the Endomondo app yesterday on WP8 Lumia 920, so i cant say anything to previous versions. The APP is o.k., it has a fresh design and a good look & feel. I missed the heart rate support and the top speed as i do my first workout “race biking”.

  19. A big improvement over the previous version. Looking forward to regular updates. Looking at upgrading to premium when features are in line with android and IOS. Keep up the good work guys.

  20. Yeah! Looking forward to see what is in store for the app. Once parity with other platforms is achieved I will be upgrading to the Pro. :-)

  21. Please add Live Tiles support and an option to ask the „confirmation of closing” the app using the „Back” button. Using this method of warning, the user will be sure the app is not closed/suspended.

    Thank you for updating the app. Much cleaner. Hope you will add more features and please pay attention to the low RAM WP devices. Those are still many of them (Lumia 520, 625, the new 630 etc).

  22. hi I’m french and I can’t instal the last version, I’m still stuck with the 6.2. Please can you fix it and make your application availlable in the french store. thank

  23. Thanks, I really appreciate the love your sending to Windows Phone users. I used the new app for the first time today – I really like the look and feel of it – it was an admittedly crappy and overcast day out today, and lousy GPS conditions – but it kept pausing and resuming my workout, which it’s never done before, it also clocked the route I did as 7.88 K, rather than the 6.28 it’d done the week before. Nice in that it makes me look faster than I am, but hopefully it’s a one off aberration and has nothing to do with the new app.

  24. Hello, thanks for your update, it looks beautiful!

    However, at least for my nokia 925 and windows 8.0, I cannot add any workout manually. I’m trying to add a “indoor ciclying” workout, but when I select this kind of sport, the app goes back to the list of previous workouts instead of letting me finish the rest of the info (duration, kms…) , it’s behaving like if I click back twice instead of once. I tried selecting any other sport and the problem is the same, I cannot add any workout manually.

    Thanks for answering and keep working this nice :)

  25. Still no heart rate monitoring so still no use!! can’t believe I have to use 2 different phones, my work phone an awesome Windows Phone that does everything I need except decent bluetooth HRM and my old Xperia S that I can use my Ant+ HRM with for my workouts!!! I do have a bluetooth HRM but so far the apps on Windows Phone 8 are not great and lal have their own issues I just wish Endomondo would put such a critical feature in to the Windows Phone app, I don’t run I use it for all my other primarily gym based workouts so the HRM is critical.

    Disappointing again but unfortunately coming to expect it with this platforms support by Endomondo, its a shame because your web site and application are brilliant. I used to have a 1 year subscription I changed to month by month because as soon as the killer app comes along to Windows Phone 8 that does a decent job I will switch to it, I am hoping that app will be Endomondo though!!

  26. I really like the new layout and implementation of the WP8 maps.
    The text to speech has improved the audio feedback very much.

    To bad the music button has disappeared, I was kind of hoping for a better implementation of this button in a newer version. With selection of playlist or something like that.

  27. Hi, I’ve been using the latest version of endomondo, it was fine in the first workout, but wen I reached the 4.67km it stopped tracking distance and time, since that day I can’t use it anymore, the GPS won’t connect and all I can track its time, so now it works just like a timer… How can I solve this?? Thanks

  28. Great! I just upgraded to Premium and quit using RunKeeper.
    Hope you guys upgrade the app with the same features as iOS and android.

  29. Used for the first time today for a cycling workout on my WP Nokia 920. Tried to link to Facebook to share and the workout disappeared. Is there a way to get the workout back?

  30. You’re a bit late with getting this moving. I waited over a year and a half, and around new year I discovered Caledos.

    It has all I need. It syncs with RunKeeper which my ShapeLink account auto imports my runs from. It connects to my Zephyr HxM. Nice and simple interface and great statistics. It connects swiftly to the GPS before starting the run.

    So, I’ve already exported all my runs from my Endomondo account…

  31. Giusto 2 giorni fa ho disdetto Endo Premium. Ora, visto che vi siete impegnati, penso di rimanere. Ma non fermatevi, avete fatto un bel salto ma mancano ancora alcune cose, fascia cardio in primix ;-)

  32. Hello, I’m French and I don’t find this new Endomendo version on the store. Is it normal, maybe I have just to wait few time to get it?

      1. Hello Endoeva,

        Thanks for your reply.
        I tried to check if the last update was available but unfortunately, I’m always on the Endomendo version.
        I tried to uninstall and reinstall too, but result is similar. :(

        I ask some french friends to check their endomendo on wp8, it’s same for us : it’s impossoble to get the 9.0 version on their mobile.

        If I can help you to identity the reason, don’t hesitate to ask me. :)

      2. Hello Endoeva,

        Do you have any news about Endomondo on the French store? :)

        Thanks in advance for your reply!

  33. Wow, that was GREAT news!!!
    The app is now AMAZING, AWESOME! Using the wp8 maps was a long missing feature! Another GREAT thing (that you forgot to mention) is that now we have “beat a friend” and “distance as goal”!!!

    Long waiting for the “follow route” feature, hope it got implemented soon. ;)

    Right now, i’m VERY HAPPY that you guys are REALLY thinking on your Windows Phone users. Congratulations on that!

  34. I think my endo is not giving me voice information in each km, as it used to… is it something that I have to do for it?

    Also I’m missing the “most used” menu for type of workout, now I have to look for it in the complete list every time I change it…

  35. Will the beta app still stay strong and be updated regularly before the regular app?
    or is it better to switch instead to the regular app?

    1. Hi, we recommend that you delete the beta app and install the regular version. The next release of Windows Phone app should be in 2 months and the next beta will be available prior to that release – we will notify you about beta via email. Cheers

  36. Beta and new winphone app i have a problem only see blue route track and no map detail at all. Switch to satellite view and see photo detail

  37. The update looks very nice! Good work! You get a big plus! It’s hopefully not last update, a lot good features are still missing. Like interval training!!! ;)

  38. Please implement Polar Wearlink Bluetooth pulsbelt, I used it before on my Android HTC, and it works great with Endomondo for Android

  39. I’m loving this! Thanks for the update!

    One quick question. I think in an older Android version you setup a new run and use one of your existing courses to map it out and track the time. Is this still available? Could it be setup for the Windows Phone app too?

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