Introducing Statistics on Android and iPhone for Premium users


When we introduced our subscription solution, we committed to continuously add value for our Premium users. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Mobile Statistics – the newest addition to Premium on Android and iPhone. We believe that having a nice overview of your hard-earned workout data right in the app is motivating and we hope you’ll enjoy the new feature.

1 ios 1 android

Before we dig into the specifics of Statistics, please note that users who are not currently Premium members have a chance of trying out Premium including Mobile Statistics for a month at no cost. Just enter code VIEW-MY-STATS during checkout here by the end of April 2014.

How it works
Statistics let you analyze your performance over time. The stats view can be personalized to show exactly the metric you prefer: Number of workouts, distance, duration or calories. To choose your metric, just click on the current metric which will default be set to either Distance or Calories. Further, the charts can be divided into Days/Month, Weeks/Year or Months/Year – and even a few others on Android. Change your setting by clicking on the current time period in the chart’s header.

2 ios 2 android

3 ios 3 android-2

Each sport has its own color and your performance in the previous period is illustrated with a light grey bar in the background. If for example you choose the Months/Year view, the grey bar for April shows your total performance last year in April for comparison.

Finally, Premium users on iPhone can filter stats by sport and #hashtag, e.g., to keep track of the mileage done in your running shoes. You’ll find these filtering options in the top bar – and they can actually be applied to your history list as well. These filtering options will be introduced on Android in one of the next releases. We also plan on including a full-screen landscape view on both platforms.

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62 thoughts on “Introducing Statistics on Android and iPhone for Premium users

  1. As a premium user who initially tracked stats on the website, I have to say this was a welcome addition. Unfortunately, the context change in the stats presentation on the smartphone is difficult to understand, and I find myself often opening a browser on my smart phone to get to my basic monthly stats page on the website. One possible simple solution is to provide a link to the site so that simple folks like me can just follow it to the endo website to view.

    Enhancement request: I’d love to use the training plan feature, but unfortunately it appears to be crafted exclusively for running. I understand the history of endo and appreciate that. It doesn’t seem tremendously out of reach, however, to modify the training feature to allow it to function on other activities.

    As a middle-aged user in Alaska with a delicate back, I find myself shifting between skating, cycling, swimming, and indoor cycling. It would be nice to be able to setup a plan for one or each of these activities so I can get more out of the tool.

    Regards. Great job on the app, BTW.

  2. Anyone who knows – how to rid your bike in 4 hours – and still have your iphone 4S alive with Endomondo tracking your trip. My iphone dies after 65 km i.e. approx. 2hours

    1. Finn,
      I’ve been a user for a number of years and found this same problem particular to the 4S. I have a few friends who have upgraded to the iPhone 5 and didn’t have this problem. It is either the iOS version or the Endo version, but I couldn’t resolve it. I ended up buying a battery pack (booster) for the long workouts until I could upgrade my phone. My wife uses an Iphone 6 and I have an Android phone with no issues.

  3. I have to +1 an earlier comment, because this should be easy to implement and without it stats has hardly any use for training purposes! “This is quite useful. But what about average speed / pace?”. Any change of implementing this (preferably with an option for taking the timer paused states not into consideration)? This missing functionality was the reason for me going premium….

    1. If you set the language of your phone to Dutch and the Endomondo app is still is English, it means that we don’t support Dutch for that particular platform. Thanks

  4. Hi,

    I’m a premium member for quit some time now. Unfortunatly not able to use most of the premium features because i have a windows phone. Could you please respond to my or one of the earlier questions about the availibility of a Windows Phone app.

    And by the way, the Windows 8.1 app is not representing the posibility of Endomondo in anyway as well. Any plans on updating that one?

    Looking forward to your response..

  5. I would like to get back the possibility to choose speed as factor to show in the history view per activity. This was possible in previous versions.

  6. Soy usuario premium, tengo un celular con Android y cuenta en mi PC, pero no me aparecn las estadísticas Premium. Tengo transmisor de RC3gps de Polar.

  7. Sounds good! Question: The last std update added a requirement to have a Google Play account and turning on Google Location service in order to use Endomondo mobile.
    Please tell me this is not required for ‘premium’ otherwise it suggests your partnership with Google is more important than your customers.

    1. Yes filled my phone up with more crap that I don’t need from Google…now it’s the 3rd highest space user…stupid…and wondering why you haven’t answered my question yet Endemondo…or don’t you do that either..only steal money out of Bank accounts without prior notification friggin thieves

  8. I got the regular Endomondo app a while back to track mileage, elevation gain, speed and duration on hikes. It used to work pretty good, but lately, its been so erratic as to be practically useless. The elevation gain is off several hundred feet and the mileage out of whack. Rather than come up with additional features for “premium” users, why not make the regular features work like they used to?

    I really dislike it when a company provides a good app for free and then transfers the best features to a PAID app once you get used to it.That’s purdy much a sham. There isn’t a single “premium” feature I’d be willing to pay for. However…

    If you added WAYPOINTS to Endomondo, I might be willing to pay for it so long as it actually worked. By waypoints, I’m talking about starting a hike at Point A, pressing the button at Points B, C, D, E and F and then closing out the hike at Point G and getting accurate trail stats from point to point and for the entire hike. Make it happen and I’ll go premium…

  9. Hi, you just introduced a new app for WindowsPhone. any plans to update this premium funcationality to either the WindowsPhone or Windows8 app?

  10. Nice feature, I really appreciate that, but I am still waiting for a very simple function that is not implemented in Endomondo yet: Give some kind of feedback (audio, vibration) when heartrate gets too high/ low. I am a premium user for two years now and i really like the whole endomondo-thing but i can”t believe that such a simple functionality is still not available. I”d really like to see that in some future Endomondo Update – keep up the good work and maybe someday .. ;)

  11. The latest update even after doing the battery save is just eating the battery on the Iphone4. I considered the premium. Normally I could run two bike apps and be out an hour and half and still have about 70% left on the battery. I am normally now down to 40% after 2 hours with just your apps runinng

  12. I am really interesting using heart rate monitoring, but I dont know where I can get a compatible heart belt for samsung note 3 or galaxy 2.

  13. I won’t go premium as long as I have to 1) download from Google and 2) enable Google’s “Location Services” (in addition to GPS) to use Endomondo’s mobile app. I have no intention of ‘feeding’ Google. Endomondo should understand their customers enough to respect their privacy!

  14. Why in Androip Final Resutls of Workout doesn’t apear The Max Speed ??? in Iphone apears but in Android not !! :/

  15. This app “upgrade” only slows the existing Endo Pro app on my HTC One down: The history page on the phone freezes and then insists that I create a manual training pass since it doesn’t find that I have any right now, despite several years of training passes on Endomondo… Shouldn’t have accepted the update on Google Play :-(

    I hope the endo team can fix it!

  16. I have been waiting for this feature for very long! Thank you! Next on my wish list is a solid backup, in case someone by accident delete training items from the phone. But thanks for a nice app!

  17. Hi I have a Laser 7 inch Tablet [Android] has only WiFi [No GPS or 3G], that I’ve downloaded your app onto it [it did not say in the app store not compatible] to see in more detail my stats, but whenever I open it, it crashes straight away, I need a fix for this, as the detail on the phone [only 4 inch screensize] that I record with, is rather congested, thankyou

  18. Please 1. Increase the number of age groups by which results are grouped. E.g 65 plus, 70 plus,75 plus etc. it does not matter if the groups are too small to be statistically significant as long as that information is given. 2 Identify outcomes positively e.g top 80% reads better than bottom 30%.

  19. Ok thanks. Regarding language, for me in english is not bad, I am Catalan, so we are use to have a discriminated language. May be some day …

  20. This is great! :))) Thank you for the hard work you are doing for us in these years!
    ..and thank you for always listening to our suggestions .
    We don’t take it for granted and we appreciate it a lot :))
    Keep it up!

  21. thank you for the update. Will it be available also for Blackberry users ??? (you have premium users on BB’s also…)
    thanks / Thanos.

    1. Hi Thanos, unfortunately we don’t have plans to introduce Stats in the app for BlackBerry users in a near future. Thanks

    1. Hi Juliana. If you are an iPhone user, you can see the colors and sport when you are filtering sports included in stats. However, we don’t have that filter option on Android yet – but it’s coming. In the meantime, please check the stats on the website and thus you can easily guess, which color is which sport. Thanks

      1. I am an iPhone user and while filtering sports all names are black so can’t match colors. The only way is to filter all sports but one and see what color it is – however this is quite painful and workaround. Could you please update this somehow?

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