Merging our PRO and free app into one on iPhone

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Starting this week, we are simplifying our user experience by merging our PRO and free app on iPhone into one. We want to underline that we are not taking away any features from PRO users and the PRO app will still be functional.

If you are a PRO user on iPhone, we kindly ask you to download our free app and use that in the future. When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads. Also, your historical data is stored on our servers and will be available to you in the free app once you log in. We recommend you verify that your data is available in the free app before deleting the PRO app from your phone.

We’ll grant all iPhone PRO users who transitions to the free iPhone app one month free Premium for the trouble – the free month will start automatically once you log in to the free app and you do not need to provide any payment data.

Thank you so much for your support.

37 thoughts on “Merging our PRO and free app into one on iPhone

  1. Hello,

    I have been a Endomondo PRO user on the Blackberry. Is there any possibility to get the PRO features back on the iPhone-App, I am currently using?

    Kind regards

  2. Even though it is too late and already pointless to say this, I’m going to say it.
    I am very disappointed that the Pro app has been “merged” to the free app. I would gladly pay $5 once just to get rid of the ads instead of paying monthly or yearly. I am a long time Endomondo user but not a heavy user so I do not need all of the Premium extras but the ads annoy me extremely much. We all have our quirks and that is mine. And it sucks major balls that I found out about this already dead Pro version this late and that you have made such a bad decision with it. Still going to use Endomondo though, although at the same time I’m using Runtastic Pro (no ads and other stuff) and, well, you never know.

    Thanks and sorry.

  3. I was a Pro user and just downloaded the free version. You write “When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads.” But I have banner ads now.

    Seems like it didn’t recognise me

    Kind regards

      1. Hi Peter, at the bottom of the page there is a box called “attachments” where you can add or drop files, including screenshots. Cheers, Daniela

      2. Congratulations! As part of one APP campaign you have been upgraded to Endomondo Premium free for 1 month.
        ONE MONTH ??!!
        Why only a month ??

        Regards Peter

  4. I was a Pro user and just downloaded the free version. You write “When you log in to the free app, it will recognize you and unlock all PRO features – and you will not be bothered by banner ads.” But I have banner ads now.

    Seems like it didn’t recognise med?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Flemming,

      I have now updated your account status, please try to logout/login on the Free app again.


  5. I’m confused by the merging of the pro and free app. I’m on iOS though you sent me details regarding android, and when I try to install the endomondo free app, I cant. I have paid for the pro app and the AppStore won’t let me down load the free app. I was also a premium user but this merging has just confused and annoyed me so I haven’t renewed. I have enjoyed using your app and website for 3+ years now. I would appreciate some guidance on what to do.
    Kind regards

  6. I downloaded this app to my Iphone yesterday. It worked ok, it did calculate my miles different then Map my Run. One finished, I had a hard time locating the off switch and when I did, it turn off nicely. However, now my phone will not charge. Is this normal? Can’t even change phone to delete it :( Not happy!

  7. I was uninstalled my endo becos error on my iPhone, when I reinstalled it’s upgraded to Premium, but I don’t want to upgrade becos the feature on the free apps is more than enough for me. Kindly pls advise if Endo will charge me or not? And how to undo the premium subcribtion? Thanks

  8. I installed the free 1 month premium on top of my pro. I decided after the month was over, I didn’t want the premium so let it expire. Now when I run Endomondo, I get the “download the free app” screen every time, have to select download, then it takes me to the iTunes store, where I now have to select “open” to get my app to run. How do I get rid of these to steps so I can go back to the old way of one step, hit the app and I’m in? Real PITA right now!

    1. Hi Daryl, just delete the PRO app, install our free app, and log in with your account. You will have all PRO and Premium features unlocked. Thanks

  9. Please take me back to my previous version. This pro version is no good it does not work for me. Each time I have download the app instead of just opening it. Please restore my earlier version! Geoff

  10. Hei. I just became a premium user. I don’t understand how to unlock my membership, where do I get the code?

  11. I’ve always been a bit annoyed with Edmondo. Used the free app at first and it wasnt too bad upgraded to pro and for what! Only to be told I need to upgrade again to premium! I dont mind the app as it is but when you try to interface with the internet or your computer….. nothing but drama, this should be seemless… thats what I thought I was buying.

  12. I paid for endomendo pro on my old phone witch got water damaged do I need to pay again on my new phone if not please lel me know how to reinstall endomendo pro on my new phone

  13. Endomondo is tech challenged and should not be selling anything since they can’t deliver to people using the latest tech gear.

  14. Having moved over to the free app having been a pro user for as long as I can remember I don’t have the premium features yet

  15. For completeness I think you need to explain what happens to existing Premium customers. From my experience they get a free month to pass on to another person, not for themselves.

    I also think it would be useful to explain which settings you need to re-enter (for example audio, HR pairing)

    However, well done for merging these, good move.

  16. What about Android users? I was asked to change to Free version and that I would not ads. I am on free and still get ads. Which should i be using on android? Free or Pro?

  17. Being a long time Pro user and Premium member for the last year, I didn’t seem to get any free month when installing the non pro version and signing in. Everything else works fine though.

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