The King of Android Updates Is Out – App Version 10.0

Android 10.0

The version number of our latest release on Android app – 10.0 suggests that this release has more to offer than just some bug fixes. It does indeed include some of the most requested features and we hope you will enjoy tracking with our Endomondo Sports Tracker app on Android like never before. So which new features are we talking about?

Bluetooth Low Energy
We kept you waiting for some time, but we are now bringing support for the Bluetooth Low Energy HR monitors on Android. Big thanks goes to almost 200 Android users who joined our Beta testing community at Google+, and helped us testing various Android phones with all kinds of BLE HR monitors. We couldn’t have done this without your support – thanks.

Updated Graphs
Premium and PRO users on Android can enjoy bigger and better graphs on the map.

Lock Screen Widget
Check out the picture showing our new Lock screen widget. It enables you to view your workout data while the screen is locked. You can change the display fields and the text color. Please note that the widget is available only on Android 4.2 and up.

Improved Maps
We added support for Google Maps v2 offering more map features, such as terrain map, rotate and tilt gestures, compass and more.

Google+ Sharing
It is now possible to share your workouts on Google+ right from the app after you finish a workout. When you press the G+ icon, you will have the option to choose which circles on Google+ you want to share your workout with and you can also edit the post. If you add a status message, the same message will be included in Google+ post.

Get Started Tutorial
We made this mini tutorial especially for Endomondo newbies, but everybody is welcome to have a look to get more familiar with the app by following our workout tutorial. You can find it in the top right menu on the Workout screen.

You can download the Endomondo app for Android at Google Play. If you like our new features, we would appreciate if you took a minute to help others discover Endomondo by rating us.

111 thoughts on “The King of Android Updates Is Out – App Version 10.0

  1. When will the support for BLE Speed and Cadence devices will be added? I have a Wahoo SC sensor but need to run a separate app to use it. this would be extremely helpful for tracking my workouts on my Samsung S4 and Gearfit…

  2. I cannot connect my ant+ speed and cadence sensor. It recognizes it when I search but can’t connect. Running Lollipop on Galaxy S5.

    1. I’m having the same problem on my S4 with a Bontrager speed and cadence sensor. The app recognizes it, but won’t connect. I use Endomondo rather than Strava because of the ant+ support for android. Hope this gets fixed, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

  3. It would be great to have a “route navigation coach option” which would act a bit like car GPS does and tell you when to turn so that you can set up a route before leaving and not have to worry about looking at your phone while you’re running.

  4. When are you going to support galaxy gear pedometer and heart rate monitor? It is the absolute best wearable at the moment!

  5. in the last several weeks my endomondo app has been stopping in the middle of my workout and not clocking my time or any other parts of my routine. It used to work just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it I have rebooted my phone I have left my wifi on I have left my wifi off please advise. Thanks. Anna

  6. I cannot connect with Powertap BLE speed and cadence sensor with my Nexus 7 2013. Is this features enable now? I am able to connect and use with Wahoo app just to proof both my devices are working and this about the app. If it is supported, I will upgrade to premium.

  7. The lockscreen widget is quite useless. You can hear metrics in your headset while working out. No widget is needed for that. The main reason of the lock screen widget is to be able to _control_ the app while the screen is locked to save time. And that functionality is missing. The simple thing – stopping the workout quickly without the need to unlock the phone does not exist. What are you Endomondo guys thinking about? Did you ever try to run with your app to see the limitations? The whole consept of the phone app loses the competition to the handset devices because of the convenience of the latter to control the workout. If you use a smartphone, once your workout is done, you have to get your phone visible, wake it up and unlock with sweaty hands, possibly bring Endomondo back to focus and press stop.

  8. HI I am new to this and was wondering how i connect my vivofit to the new app. It has Bluetooth and I think that’s how my vivofit connects. I have purchased the pro android app hoping this will work. Please help.
    than you

    1. Hi George! I use both the Polar H7 & Zephyr HxM Bluetooth Wireless Heart Rate Sensors without issue.

  9. Hello, I have HR monitor Polar H7, and I have android 4.4.2. I was able to connect my HR monitor with Endomondo via “Bluetooth SMART sensor” but now, this option is not available in Endomondo settings and via Classic sensor, Im not able to connect my HR monitor, so what can I do???

      1. Sorry for answering for own post.

        I got the info from support: using Android 4.3 or higher you can pair H7 in the Bluetooth menu. Hence, in endomondo, you can connect in the menu “Bluetooth Classic Sensors”, where you can see your (previously) paired devices. In earlier Android versions you can’t pair it, so you won’t be able to use H7 with endomondo (even if your device supports it)

        My device (Samsung Galaxy S4 Active) does support BT LE, however, I am still on 4.2.2 (no higher version available in my country yet).

  10. I am using Mio alpha BLE 4.0 watch and a also have a Brest strap with BLE 4.0 Bluetooth to compare. A few weeks ago it worked better with Endomondo. Now it often loses connection or it doesn’t connect at all. I have a LG Nexus 5 and Endomondo 10.1.1. Hope it will get better soon. It’s a great app and everything else works perfectly. Especially GPS is very quick. Thanks

  11. I was trying to setup lock screen widget (galaxy s4 i9505; endomondo 10.1.1), but it is possible only when i have no lockScreen settings (pin or snake). Is it possible to setUp widget and have PIN?

  12. Hi everybody,

    is there any solution of protecting Friends ?
    Why there is no option in Privacy to see my frends just by me??


  13. So the lock screen widget is only available for android 4.2, am I suppose to buy new phone now?
    Android and endo are making it difficult to stick with them. Are there any technical reasons why 4.1 can’t have the
    Lock screen widget?

    1. Yes, lock screen widget support was added in Android 4.2.

      (I’m in no way, except as a user, affiliated with endomondo)

  14. Hi endoeva,
    the Polar Wearlink+ Bluetooth heart frequency sensor does not work anymore. It is found in Endomondo, but it cannot connect for some reason. It worked fine before. I tried re-pairing it in the Bluetooth settings, but it didn’t do the trick. It does work fine with Runtastic.
    Quite the bummer since there is a half-marathon coming up next week.
    Nexus 5, Android 4.4.2

      1. Tried it with the 10.0.3 release. Didn’t fix it at first, then I restarted my phone and now it works. Thanks

  15. After updating the android app started to act as if it wasn’t Pro (adds, no training plans, etc).

    I have a valid Premium subsription. Can you help me…


  16. After this update my desktop widget won’t update new feeds even when I press the refresh button (time shown doesn’t change either). Not sure if it’s a general bug or…? Using Nexus 5.

  17. I just don´t get it? Locking screen widget seems like a great idea. I assumed it would be a pice of cake; long press screen and select new locking screen. No such luck? Looking at the Programs / Widget section in the drawer… No locking widget. Please post a How to for Dummies. (Yes, I do have Android 4.4.2 Kitkat on my S4 Galaxy and Endomondo v10.0.3)

    1. Hi Jesper, here you go: The lock screen widget works on Android 4.2 and above. The lock screen widget is available in Endomondo vers. 10.0.0 and above.
      Please first go to your phone Settings -> Screen Security -> Check the box that says “Activate Widgets”.
      The lock screen widget works on Android 4.2 and above. The lock screen widget is available in Endomondo vers. 10.0.0 and above.
      Please first go to your phone Settings -> Screen Security -> Check the box that says “Activate Widgets”.

      1. Thanks…and for those of us with Danish language Androids the path seems to be 5 steps deep(?): Indstillinger/ Min Enhed / Låseskærm / Widgets for låst skærm / Flere widgets.
        Finally for keeping the Lock Screen alive during workout (dark screen sort of defeats the whole purpose) I suggest using the Keep Screen App.

      2. Hmmm… Further to my post today. Keep Screen does NOT keep the screen alive it seems? I’d take anyones recommendation on how to keep the lock screen widget visual (= usable) during workout. Thanks.

  18. I’m also having problems with the app not counting miles using a Galaxy S4 and Garmin
    SCH-10 cadence/speed sensor

  19. am i the only one that is having trouble with the “font size” of the display fields? im having my numbers cutted from the buttom, yes, i have my default size on “extra large” in both my xperia zr and nexus 7, its the same deal. when i downsize the fontsize to “large” or lesser, it fits. hopefully you cant arrenge something for us “extra large” lovers!

  20. Since the new update my app no longer recognises my Zephyr HxM. Not had this problem before and my other apps that use the Zephyr do recognise it.

    Can you help?

  21. Why can I no longer add pictures in my workout? I can take the picture like normal, but I then get a message that tells me that I “Can not add this picture”. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalled. Galaxy note 3.

  22. endoeva #

    My androind app isnt counting the miles from my Wahoo speed and cadence sensor, as it was before the update. It also defaults to a wheel size of 83.97″ (inches). I try to reset it to the correct size (27) and it wont stay. I am a premium member. What is going on?

  23. Hi,

    Great job!

    But aren’t we, the Iphone user paying the same, for Pro and Premium version, as the Android users?

    If so don’t we deserve also new features in a new version?

    And about the Bluetooth speed and cadence sensors feature?

    Thanks Endomondo!

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello, thanks for reaching out. Android and iPhone apps are being updated (and made) separately and because of various restrictions/opportunities connected with Android or iOS platform, we adjust the features included in releases. That’s why we decided to wait with implementing BLE on Android until now, while iPhone users got this feature months ago. But we are working on having the same features on both. Thanks for your support and have fun tracking.

  24. I’m seriously excited about the lock screen widget. But I use Endomondo for about 30 minutes, 3x a week. Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like I have to make it my *default* lock screen widget to have it visible as soon as I turn on the phone’s screen, right? If I don’t make it the default widget, I still have to swipe around to get to that widget, and that’s not any faster or easier than just unlocking my phone… Right? (Now, I also understand that this probably *is* beneficial to those who have PINs or passwords to unlock their phone – is that the only market you went for with this?)

  25. Is anyone reading this from Endomondo? Come on, guys, you forgot to upload the Pro version and went away for the weekend, didn’t you?

  26. Im looking on for section with MAP SHOWING LIVE WORKOUTS.
    The address was, but now it doesnt work.
    How can i find it?

    1. Hi, we had to disable this feature, unfortunately, because it wasn’t working optimally due to growing number of workouts being done at the same time. Hopefully we will bring it back at some point. Thanks

  27. How about trying to support the Pebble smart watch or the samsung gear fit? Runkeep does all that and quite frankly im thinking about switching.

  28. No update offered to Endomondo Pro so I uninstalled and reinstalled. I got version 9.4.0 – despite what Google Play claimed! Where is it?

    1. Alex, we regret to inform you that with all the time spent supporting 4 versions of biking, 2 or more horse based exercises (POLO), and major sports like Kite surfing and Snowshoeing, there really isn’t time for adding plebeian projectile based leisure activities (like “ultimate” frisbee) to the list.

  29. mmmh… the Play store says that I have installed the latest version (10.1), but my phone tells me that the version I have is 9.4.0. Thoughts on what is going on?

    1. Same on my side. Took me few days to figure this out. Always work with HRM, so this issue makes Endomondo PRO unusable … too bad.

  30. Great update. I will be able to use my BLE heart rate monitor.

    One question, how can I know if my app iis up to date? If I go to Config and look at the bottom it sais «Modo 9.4.0» (spanish version). Does it mean I am still using version 9.4.0? Thanks!

  31. Hi,
    I have new Endomondo Pro 10.0 verison and Android 4.1.2. but now I am missing news feed desktop widget was was in previous verions. Why it is so? :(

    1. I couldn’t figure this one out either. On Nexus 5 I can make a widget that shows three metrics but that is just on the launcher and not on the lock screen.

      Other programs that support lock screen widgets have not needed any setting up for the lock screen widget, these include audible, google play music, etc. They have just started showing the widget while the app is in use and the device gets locked while using it. I would have assumed this worked the same way…

    2. For the Samsung Galaxy s4. You go to
      : settings
      : my device
      : lock screen
      : enable multiple widgets
      Go back to the lock screen and touch the clock widget and scroll left to right till u see the add a widget option.

    3. Also on the Galaxy S4: The android clock remains the default (home) widget even after adding the endomondo widget. A workaround is to change your “home” widget (tap and hold and then move left or right).

  32. When following a route I’d love to see some arrows along the redline indicating the direction to follow. in any case Play Store is not offering any update right now on my device. I’m still at vers 9.2.2.

    1. same prblm… reinstall doesn’t work at all for Pro vers.
      for latest vers. I’ve installed another Endomondo. 2 same apps w diff. vers.
      ~ Samsung Note 3

      1. Is this really true? I have been using Endomondo for years, and now time to change, because of ridiculous action from them?

      2. Currently the Pebble only displays your average speed since setting off, not your actual speed, and there’s no heart-rate either. At least that’s what it does with Runkeeper and other apps. People have been asking for this new functionality for years but it seems nothing is ever going to change.

        Consequently my Pebble never leaves its drawer!

  33. Suggestions :)
    This three things are still missing.

    1. Can’t add workout Title in application
    2. Photos could be geotaged and placed on the track where they were taken.
    3. POI or Markers with description option added while recording.
    And this FAT line (track) in app is kinda silly! 

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